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    monkeyboygoku Guest

    ulaunch problem and question

    Someone "softmodded" my memory card so ulaunch loads on it, just as I want to not use the dvd drive all the time as at the minute if I want to use cheats I have to put in swap magic, then codebreaker, then load it (which only seems to work on swap magic 3.3 for some reason) then select cheats and run hdadvance.

    Now so he put hda on it but all that I get on booting it is a black screen of death. Anyway as I say I just want to have CB9 or 10 on mem card, then hdadvance.

    Another problem is how will I get hdadvance to work when CB is loaded as it boots a cd is there a way to trick it to go to hdadvance.

    But worst comes to worse can just use my hdadvance disc then I just want to keep laser lasting as long as possible.

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    Starlight Guest


    Well i haven't done this in a while, but there is a CB v9.3 that you can put right onto your hdd and can operate all from there, even cheats as they are day 1 files that contain cheats for a particular game, and can be put into CB automatically by the program itself.

    A usb flash drive works great for transfering the day 1 files from your pc to your ps2 hdd, ulaunchelf can load the hdd with the CB elf file on it and from there the CB program can do the rest in transfering cheats and adding cheats and managing your memory cards etc.

    I wiill take a look into it as i still have the CB elf on my ps2 hdd which i use ulaunchel to load, works great this way and you don't have to use any disc for cheat codes or like loading SM up first etc ,just load CB from hdd with ulaunch and your off.

    Will get back about this as soon as possible.

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