Hacking your Wii to play Pong is one thing, but the recently-revealed Twilight Princess exploit allows all sorts of unsigned code to run natively on the Wii.

Homebrew developers are already starting to take advantage, releasing a bunch of interesting and/or useful unauthorized programs for Nintendo's little white box. Among them:

- Linux for Wii - Coming next: Linux on your toaster
- MP3 player - Just in case you don't like the crappy one included in the Photo Channel.
- SNES emulator - Who needs the Virtual Console when you can just steal ROMs of your fave SNES games?
- Wii Tetris - So much cooler than Pong. No, you shut up!

Still no public announcement from Nintendo in reaction to the exploit, though given their recent aggressive pursuit of game pirates, you can expect a PSP-style battle of the firmware to start any day now.

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