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    bombs84 Guest

    Trying to burn Guitar Hero World Tour

    I am having trouble. I have an ISO of GHWT and i cant seem to get it to burn properly onto a DVD+R DL. I have tried Toxic patch and am working on using usb advance but cant get the iso to show me both layers. Any suggestions?

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    Starlight Guest
    I assume this is a ps2 game you are referring to, if so you will need Apache 2 or Apache 3 program to see both layers of the game.. but this should have been posted in the ps2 section if it's a ps2 game so I am moving it.

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    darthi8nt Guest
    When burning to a dual layer disc you must change the book type to dvd-rom this can be done in dvd decrypter or img burn.

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    Jarrod666 Guest
    Dvd decrypter is the best soft for to do that, it's good when i try it.

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    ray1618 Guest
    I always use dvd-r for ps use it works better for mine.

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