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    Treyarch Warns PSN & XBL Users on Hacking / Console Modding

    Today Treyarch has given a serious warning to all Sony PSN and Microsoft XBox Live would-be hackers and console modders... if you are caught, you'll be banned from all of their online services.

    To quote: Our most recent TU addressed a number of issues that arose as a result of modders hacking their console and ultimately disrupting the online experience for everybody else.

    In light of these recent events, I'd like to make something abundantly clear to the community: Treyarch has adopted a zero tolerance policy towards console hackers / modders. We are actively working with our console partners (Microsoft and Sony) to take action against all proven offenders, up to and including a complete ban from all of their online services.

    Our number one priority is to protect the experience of our online gaming community (most of you reading this message), and the efforts of console hackers / modders directly target the community in a negative way.

    We understand that a primary motivation in hacking / modding is to bring something "fresh" or "new" to the game. That is why the PC platform has a full suite of Mapping / Modding tools, along with plenty of documentation to go along with it.

    If you are interested in the technical aspect of game modding, check out the PC version of CoD:WaW, where modding is legal, fully supported, and encouraged.

    There is a flourishing community of mod developers who have taken their curiosity and passion for modifying the released game and have turned it into a positive experience for their fellow gamers and enthusiasts. In fact, some of the very talented developers here at Treyarch were hired as a direct result of their productive PC modifications.

    For those of you that are currently modding or are considering modding your console, this message should serve as a warning; for those of you looking to enjoy a safe and fun online experience, please be reassured by it - console hacking is illegal, and will not be tolerated.

    We are working hard to maintain a pure, fun online experience for upstanding players, and thank you for your ongoing support.

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    semitope Guest
    lol? I don't get it

    What kind of console mods would be a concern to them? Is there a common mod i am missing? Their reference to the PC doesnt really help their case i think. I am sure modding on the pc is not the same thing they are talking about on the consoles so why go there?

    I would understand if this was about hacking alone but console modding doesnt affect the experience of other players at all...

    Is there a codwaw console mod going around or something?

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    drowsy Guest
    You are right semitope, this guy doesn't make things clear enough. So much for the zero tolerance warning lol.

    What does the modding of console have to do with disrupting the online community and the fun of playing online? We're not talking about game cheats, that would disrupt an online game from having fun but otherwise it looks as a very unclear message.

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    gygabyte666 Guest
    Oh when is this BS gonna end?!

    Ok, let us all hopefully agree upon one thing. These corporations are all after one thing, money right? So with that said, they shouldn't give a crap about this kind of stuff.

    I think they are confusing modding with hacking here personally. I don't see anything wrong with either. This kind of thing will always exist and I seriously doubt they have the power to stop it.

    I feel that if people cough up the vast amount of money to purchase the consoles they should be free to do what ever they feel like with the system. This includes modding/hacking it. What do these guys care for? If someone mods/hacks something, they instantly void the warranty plus any future support for the console should an issue arise.

    Bottom line is that this kind of thing will continue until the end of console time. People will always modify, always try to hack something. These corporations don't need to butt in to people's personal lives, let alone their personal gaming lives. Let it go! As long as they aren't losing money over the mods they have no say.

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    Kraken Guest


    My guess is that this is related to the cheaters on COD4 for PS3 that were recently stopped with a patch. Of course the PS3 hasn't been hacked and there is no mod for it, so their entire point is a fallacy.

    I don't know if its a PR move, an attempt to ban modders who have nothing to do with this, or if they are just too stupid to know the difference, but statements like this piss me off. The cheaters (and they are cheaters, don't glorify them as hackers/modders) also piss me off. When they cheat online they ruin the experience of everyone else. If they don't have enough talent to play a game online, then just don't.

    And a side note: if people cheat by exploiting flaws in the game, that is the developers fault, not the cheaters or modders/hacker's. I saw a friend play Halo 2 once and the buggy physics engine was so bad that if he jumped where different types of terrain met, he could moon jump out of the map and snipe people from the sky. Unmodified Halo 2, unmodded xbox. Developers need to fix their damn games before pointing the finger, and learn to point their finger at the right people.

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    ProSkillz21 Guest
    I agree with Kraken. People who glitch and cheat in online games ruin it for everyone, and it sends all a game's leader boards to hell. The number one zombie player on the ps3 on der reise has "apparently" gotten past 2000 levels by himself. Not only is that impossible, but it just ruins the game for everyone who is looking for a fair challenge.

    P.S. I think mods exist for the ps3 as I was playing a game of Cod:WaW today, and red text came up saying something like:
    " ___(player name)_____'s secondary weapon is not a pistol and perk two is not overkill." The message continued with some warning that I didn't get to read due to the info moving up as new kills were made.

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    Preceptor Guest
    Yep I also agree that this is a reaction to the CoD cheaters. But about the finger pointing, I would say it is always easier to say : "If you cheat we're going to ban you, ok?" than to fix all the bugs in the game. In other words, as was said, people cheat due to a bug in the software, a.k.a. complete developers lack of competence to fix all the major bugs.

    And I also agree that they are mixing the cheaters, using a completely unmodded console and exploiting a bug in the completely unmodded game he own with hackers that, in my opinion again, are in their rights to hack, mod, bash, kick or do whatever they want with their overpriced console.


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