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    wicked insanity Guest

    Top Five Things to do in GTA IV Between Missions

    Well, you've just stolen your umpteenth car for Brucie, taken Michelle to the Chicken Shack and banged her like a drum for the tenth time... What now?

    Instead of the single player missions, I'm gonna give you a top 5 things to do when you're not performing a single player mission.

    Number 5:

    Ladies of the night. Whether it's the strippers or the hookers, Rockstar has made sure that Niko's nookie is taken care of. Sure, there's lots of variations on this one, like find all of the different types of hookers, kill the hookers, or run the hookers down. Then go to the strip club and, of course, shoot up the strip club, kill the strippers, run the strippers down, or check out the different lap dances, but it all boils down to finding the ladies.

    Number 4:

    Got this extremely fun activity from Rothbart. He likes to steal a motorcycle then drive as fast as possible into oncoming traffic and see how far he can jettison Niko. Then he gets up and tries it again. There are obvious variations on this one, such as jettisoning yourself from a fast car, or jettisoning yourself from a heliocopter.

    Number 3:

    Stunt jumps. Just like number 4, but you try and survive these jumps. There's about fifty, or so, unique stunt jumps to find and clear in Liberty City. Some are easy to find, while others are difficult to locate. Some jumps are easy to clear, others aren't. I guarantee you won't clear a lot of the jumps on your first time through. Check out the roofs of parking garages and construction areas. They're your best bet to find the choice jumps in Liberty City.

    Number 2:

    Sociopathic behavior. I know I'm a sick and twisted soul, but I wanted to know if anyone else did strange stuff in Liberty City in between missions. I asked for suggestions from the SG writers. Some gave me the obvious fare, hookers, stunt jumps, etc... Others, well, lets just say that sometimes, I'm glad I don't know what these guys do in their spare time.

    Rothbart: "I like to hang out at the train station and push people in front of the trains."

    Animathias: "Stalking ATM's and waiting for people to withdraw money before you kill them is pretty cool and you can usually get $100 bucks, or more, from your target."

    I'm not really above the occasional sociopathic/psychopathic behavior myself. In between missions, I enjoy trying to shoot motorcycle riders in the face. Score a headshot.... Get a motorcycle. Eh... It's a moving target, so it keeps my skills sharp. I have no other excuse... I'm a menace to society, what can I say?

    Number 1:

    Getting six stars and running like hell. What the heck else would it be? Here's a tip to get six stars as fast as possible: Shoot a cop, then try to get past a road block. Road blocks can be tough to get past, so get a small, fast car or motorcycle and cruise around either the right or left side of the road block, where there's usually a gap wide enough for a car to get through. Instant six star pursuit in less than 45 seconds.

    Once you get six stars, here's some fun scenarios:

    Get six stars and steal the FIB "Charger." It's fast as hell and can take a beating.

    Get six stars and try to make it to the airport and steal a chopper. Doing this with less than six stars isn't the same.

    Get the achievement for staying alive for more than five minutes with six stars. Don't even try to lie. I know you haven't done it yet...

    Well, those are my top 5, do you have any suggestions?

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    SniprSnake Guest
    well i like to get on top of a tall building and snipe pedestrians, and once i get cops in helicopters i like to snipe the pilot, when i get 6 stars and in a car i like to drive slowly looking backwards dropping hand grenades want watch the destruction.

    also i like to go to a beach next to high cliffs with any wanted level and watch the police stupidly plummet to their deaths... lol

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    raze88 Guest
    Are there achievements in the PS3 version?

    Because it would be nice to collect them now and have them displayed on PLaystation Home (if it finally launches).

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