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    Top 50 Games of All Time List!

    Recently, the staff of 411Mania games got together to discus putting together our lists of top 50 games of all time. I present to you my list of the top 50 games of all time, in my opinion.

    1. Maniac Mansion Nintendo Entertainment System
    Maniac Mansion was one of the greatest games to ever be put on a console of any kind. This was one of the first games I ever went back and played after beating it because it offered alternative endings based on how you played the game. This was a revolutionary game that garners almost no reception or appreciation today. If you can ever find a copy of this game pick it up I promise you that you will not regret it. Here's hoping someone out there reads this and sends me a copy of it for the original NES.

    2. Halo 2 Xbox
    There is nothing to say about this game that has not already been said. This was the first time I ever felt that I was fully using the potential of my Xbox While I enjoyed Halo 3, it was nowhere near as innovative or enjoyable as this one.

    3. 1942 NES
    1942 is the greatest vertical shooter game in existence. As a kid remember just playing this game for hour after hour. I have this game downloaded on my pc and still play it almost on a weekly basis. I am excited to see how the new sequel plays out on the Xbox 360.

    4. Fatal Frame Series Playstation 2
    This is the absolute greatest horror survival game in existence and as I have wrote about before I am pissed that it is not going to receive it's full glory on one of the next generation consoles. (And yes I have a Wii but would rather play it on the 360). I cannot pick between which game is better than each other as they are all equally enjoyable and again one of the greatest games ever made.

    5. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Xbox 360
    I actually stumbled across this game when a friend loaned it to me. 300 hours later I was in love with this series and sought out the previous titles. Great storyline, long gameplay and variety made this game the best game that has been released on a next generation console yet.

    6. Mike Tyson's Punch Out NES
    As a child there was no other game that could make me laugh and piss me off at the same time as Punch Out. I remember beating the game after owning it for years. The final fight with Mike Tyson still is one of the hardest final levels on any game.

    7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater PS1
    This was one of the most innovative games for the "sports" genre. The game was fun, crisp and enjoyable. The soundtrack is still one of the best to ever show up in a game. It is too bad that this series has been watered down and milked for everything it is worth and has ultimately been replaced by Skate, but without this game there would be no Skate.

    8. Kingdom Hearts PS2
    This was another game I stumbled upon simply by accident in the discount bin at the local game exchange location. The game surpassed all expectations I had. The combination of Disney characters and levels with the Final Fantasy styling just blew my mind. This was no simple game however and provided several different options to make it one of the best games to ever come out. Too bad the second one simplified the combat styling to make it less challenging.

    9. Earthworm Jim SEGA
    I am absolutely giddy to hear that there is another Earthworm Jim in production. The swinging of his head to rappel down through levels, this game is just one of the best games ever and in my opinion the best game to ever grace the Sega Genesis.

    10. The Oregon Trail PC
    Anyone who made it through school in the 1980's and 1990's remembers the Oregon Trail. This was my first introduction to video games on the PC. While the graphics may not have been the greatest, the storyline and enjoyment I remember having from this game was one of the best memories of my childhood.

    11. Dr. Mario NES
    Dr. Mario was the answer for the Tetris craze on the NES. Personally, I preferred Dr. Mario. The game just had something that kept you intrigued and challenged while playing it. I still break out my NES system to play it from time to time. An absolute gem.

    12. Fallout PC
    Many people are not familiar with Fallout for the PC. The game had everything. A nuclear holocaust, an RPG, the challenges, the storyline, everything. While many people will question this be an addition to this list, those who have played it will not. The sequel Fallout 3 from Bethesda, is the one game I am looking forward to the most this year. I cannot wait to see what Bethesda can bring to the next generation console after their success with Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

    13. GTA II PS1
    Yes you read that correctly, I have ranked the PS1 version of GTA II above San Andreas and Vice City. I loved the top down view and the necessity to balance who you attacked and which gang you felt most compelled to ally yourself with. This was the game that made me want to play all of the ones that would follow. Am I upset that the game has progressed to where it is now? Absolutely not. The GTA series is still enjoyable but I have to admit I am still a bigger fan of GTA II rather than the new series.

    14. Battletoads SNES
    This game was one of the best graphically enhanced games to ever appear on the SNES. The gameplay was enjoyable and somewhat challenging but most importantly it was innovative.

    15. BioShock Xbox 360
    If I have to explain this one there are issues in your brain. The story, graphics, and gameplay. Enough said.

    16. Aladdin SEGA
    A lot of people were pissed that I had this as my number one game based on movies. I stand by it. This was the best movie based game and one of the best games ever.

    17. - Resident Evil 4 GameCube
    This is the one game that has revived the series and actually has me wanting to play Resident Evil 5 when it comes out. I hardly think that one game is enough to continue milking a series, but the complete retooling of the series and gameplay has landed this game on my list.

    18. Civilization Series PC
    I group the entire series together here as the gameplay is almost the same thing but the series is one of the most enjoyable and mentally challenging games to ever be created. I own all of the Civilization games and play them nonstop.

    19. Crackdown Xbox 360
    While this game was not the most graphically advanced games ever, I have fallen in love with the constant desire to top out in this game and beat it 100% while unlocking all of the achievements. It is for this reason I believe this game deserves a spot on my list.

    20. Dead Rising Xbox 360
    Killing hordes of zombies with a wide array of weapons is all I need to say about this one.

    21. Age of Empires Series PC
    This is right there with the Civilization series. I enjoy this game almost as much as Civilization and believe the entire series deserves to be on this list.

    22. F Zero SNES
    This was the greatest racing game to hit the Super Nintendo system ever. The game was beautifully done, challenging and enjoyable on every level.

    23. God of War PS2
    One of the greatest games to ever hit the Playstation 2 system. I loved the graphics, storyline, and fight style this game brought to the system. I cannot wait for the sequels and the movie.

    24. Guild Wars Series PC
    I put this game above World of Warcraft for one reason. I don't have to pay to play online. Simple as that. The characters are great and the graphics are phenomenal if you have a computer that can handle it.

    25. GTA: San Andreas ps2
    To me this is the best GTA of the new style GTA. Sure there were some kinks that needed to be worked out but as anyone who plays GTA can attest this is when the GTA series became a constant threat to the world of gaming.

    26. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES
    I loved playing this game at the local Peter Piper Pizza down the street from one of the houses I grew up in. When I received it as a birthday present I was amazed how well it transitioned from the arcade to my living room. One of the best multiplayer games ever.

    27. Return to Castle Wolfenstein PC
    While not exactly the most graphically enhanced game to ever hit the PC this game along with Doom changed the way FPS games would be for years to come.

    28. Katamari Damacy PS2
    One of the most unusual games to ever come out of Japan, this game provided an endless amount of "why do I play this game?" questions followed by "why can't I put this game down?" While Beautiful Katamari is enjoyable in itself, it does not compare to Katamari Damacy.

    29. Gunsmoke NES
    This scrolling shooter was one of the most challenging games to ever hit the Nintendo. I remember playing this game all the time and still not being able to beat it. I hope that someday I can find it again and finally beat it.

    30. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowwind Xbox
    While not as good as Oblivion, Morrowind was one of the greatest RPG games to ever come out and springboarded the RPG games for the Xbox system.

    31. Hitman: Codename 47 PC
    This game was only available on the PC but in my opinion had the best storyline of any of the Hitman games to come. I enjoyed the 3rd person shooter that this game had and the different styles of killing your targets.

    32. Super Mario Bros. 3 NES
    The best Mario game ever. I absolutely loved the different power-ups that were available to use including the Pwing.

    33. Ikaruga XBLA
    This is a relatively new game but the most challenging game to hit the Xbox Live Arcade so far. This scrolling shooter is unbelievably difficult but graphically phenomenal.

    34. Uncharted Drake's Fortune PS3
    The best game to hit the Playstation 3 in my opinion. This is the new Tomb Raider and I hope to see sequels abound with this series.

    35. Viewtiful Joe GameCube
    Innovative, challenging, and absolutely stunning graphics make this game a member of this list.

    36. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King PS2
    I have preached the praises of this game for years. There is no scene in a game that rivals the Tower Seige scene in my opinion.

    37. Goldeneye 007 N64
    Yeah this is the one game I can see people will be complaining about being so low on the list. Yeah I loved the game. It revolutionized FPS forever but I do not think it deserves to be higher on MY list than this.

    38. Reservoir Dogs ps2
    Often underappreciated this game is one of the best games to ever show the brutality of a film in all its glory. I am always game for Reservoir Dogs. The only think that would make me happier than this game is if Boondock Saints showed up on a next gen system.

    39. ESPN NFL 2k5
    To me this was the best football game to ever come out. That's right better than any Madden. Unfortunately ESPN lost its contract with the NFL and can no longer use current players.

    40. Donkey Kong 64 N64
    One of the finest games to every hit the Nintendo 64. This game showed off what graphics can be without burdening the gameplay.

    41. A Bugs Life PS1
    Damn was this game harder than I thought it would be. It was a graphic masterpiece that pissed me off by being harder than I thought it would be, especially the Dandelion scene.

    42. Lion King SEGA
    This was what Aladdin was to kids, Lion King was the challenging game for the older kids and adults complete with the soundtrack from the movie.

    43. The Warriors PS2
    One of my favorite films of all time, the game brought information to the characters that the film couldn't. The reason this wasn't on my top ten movie based games of all time was because it was number 11. Plain and simple. I beat it too quickly to be happy enough to include it in the top ten.

    44. Fight Night Round 3 Xbox 360
    The second greatest boxing game ever behind PunchOut. This game captured the life of a boxer and the challenges that occur in a fight, not to mention how great the graphics were.

    45. Overlord Xbox 360
    If you have not played this game this is one of the funniest and most enjoyable games ever. Pick it up.

    46. Quake PC
    This was one of the best games to ever come out but the sequels have been the same thing as this one just updated graphically. I cannot wait to play Enemy Territory though.

    47. F.E.A.R. Xbox 360
    This game creeped me out beyond belief but the game actually kept me intrigued and excited to see what was next. This was like combining Fatal Frame's scariness with a great FPS.

    48. Crash Bandicoot Series
    This series is one of the most challenging of all time. Unfortunately as time progresses for this series it becomes a milked out repetitive series. So far it has been an enjoyable series but I have a feeling the next game they make for this series will cause me to remove it off my list.

    49. Super Mario Kart
    This was one of the best racing games for all generations of game players. I love this game and am happy with the new Wii version as well. I think it will be considered one of the best games that will stand the test of time.

    50. NBA Jam Sega
    Midway's greatest basketball game ever is still one of the most innovative sports games ever. I remember all of the special moves and dunks and shots ever. The only complaint I had was that it was too damn hard.

    Screenshot below of Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion Xbox 360, and some more screenshots can be seen at the link up top of this story.

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    hey, that list is pretty reasonable. Although i saw no battlefield games on there...

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