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    Starlight Guest

    Top 10 TVs for playing GTA IV on!

    Grand Theft Auto IV is without question the biggest, hottest and most-talked about game of the decade so far. GTA is great because it combines stunning visuals with a totally immersive atmosphere to match any cinematic experience provided at the movies.

    That said, if you're playing on a small or old CRT TV, those HD graphics might be totally lost on you. And so, the time might just be about right to upgrade to a shiny new HDTV. Here are our 10 top TVs to consider if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level.

    Philips 32PFL7762D

    The Xbox 360 and the PS3 are different from any other console ever created. To get the most out of them, they demand you buy a flatscreen TV to take advantage of their HD graphics. For many people, spending £299 on the PS3 GTA IV package is quite enough, so spending more money on an HD TV is out of the question. Or is it? This absolutely stunning LCD TV from Philips could be just what you're looking for. It may not be full HD, but its resolution of 1366 x 768 is perfectly adequate for a 32-inch TV. And frankly, for under £500, this TV is an absolute steal. Read our full review

    LG 32LB75

    Like the Philips TV above, the LG 32LB75 offers a superb, bright picture, for a bargain price. What's more, this TV was simply born for gaming. Aesthetically designed to fit in with a modern day living room set up, it's not your usual boring-looking TV either. Again, this one doesn't have a full-HD resolution, but that doesn't matter too much. Most HD games at the moment only output at 720p anyway - which this TV can display with room to spare. If you shop around, you can find this fantastic set for around the £400 mark. Read our full review

    Panasonic TX-32LXD70

    This TV is pretty special too. It's similar to the Philips and the LG, but adds 100Hz processing into the mix. This means that the motion judder that a lot of LCDs are prone to is nowhere to be seen. So when you're racing through Liberty City as scores of squad cars and SWAT police trail you through the night, your picture will be smooth and satisfying. This TV has a great viewing angle too, so if you're having a GTA IV party, all your mates will be able to get a good view of the screen, wherever they're sitting. Current prices are hovering around the £450 mark, and this TV is well worth the cash. Read our full review

    Sony KDL-32D3000

    This Sony Bravia TV is slightly more expensive than the TVs above. When it launched it cost over £900, but now you can get one for around £600. The benefit of this TV is that not only is it a nice compact 32-incher that's great for games, it's also designed from the ground up to watch movies on. It supports 24fps video content, which is the format that Blu-ray movies come in. For that reason, HD movies look stunning on this TV. Read our full review

    Samsung LE32R87BD

    Samsung has been fairly dominant in the low-end LCD TV market in recent years. And while it's been able to release some fairly cheap models, that doesn't mean for a second that they're not very good. Take this one, for example. It's now available for around the £400 mark which is great. Samsung is a particular favourite amongst gamers too. Partly because it offers good TVs at great prices, but also because its proprietary Digital Natural Image engine boosts colours, contrast and sharpness. For an image-rich game like Grand Theft Auto IV, that's exactly what you need. Read our full review

    Philips 47PLF9632D

    So there you have it; there are many fantastic 32-inch TVs to choose from if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful. But what if you can afford something a bit more upmarket? Philips may have the answer here with its new range of TVs. This 47-inch model is utterly stunning. One of the greatest 47-inch LCD televisions we've ever seen, in fact. 100Hz picture and ground-breaking pixel processing make this TV one to look out for in the shops. Because once you've seen it, you might not be able to resist it. Be prepared to pay well over £1,000 though. Read our full review

    Sharp LC-52XD1E

    Want to go even bigger than 47 inches? For around £1,500 you can get your hands on this 52-inch LCD TV from Sharp. This enormous TV is an absolute steal at that price, because not only is it massive, it's also fantastic. If you're using component cables with your Xbox 360, one thing to watch out for is that it has no dedicated set of component jacks. For component feeds you have to use a provided adaptor and the PC port; it works fine, as long as you don't want to attach separate PC and component video sources at the same time. Read our full review

    Philips 52PFL9632D

    This is the third Philips TV to make the list, which is a testament to how far Philips has come in the TV business. This one will cost you around £2,000, but if you can afford it, it's well worth the cash. Just like the 47-inch Philips model above, this TV is breathtaking. It's brightness and clarity makes it absolutely perfect for playing GTA IV and any other game for that matter. The five-star review says it all. Read our full review

    Samsung LE-52F96BD

    This brilliant TV from Samsung is proof that it isn't just potent in the low-end TV market. It can make some pretty brilliant high-end TVs too. This 52-inch TV is fairly pricey - it'll cost you over £2,500 - but it's also quite fantastic. It defies the traditional drawbacks of LCD technology to produce a picture only seen formerly in the best plasma TVs. This could well be the best LCD TV ever made. Read our full review

    Pioneer PDP-LX508D

    We couldn't put this list together without including at least one Pioneer model. Traditionally, LCD TVs are better for gaming simply because they're brighter. Plasma TVs offer far greater contrast ratios, but they often struggle to produce the same brightness as found in LCD TVs from Philips, Samsung and LG. That said, this TV is the king of them all. The best TV on the market, bar none.

    At over £3,000 it's very pricey, but you'll not find a better TV anywhere in the world. Great for games. Great for TV. Great for watching movies. If you don't care how much your GTA TV costs, this is the one to get.

    Pics for each tv can be seen at the link at the top of this article!

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    creamcheese Guest
    What this guide DOESN'T tell you is that most 720p TVs have a "feature" called overscan automatically running which chops off all 4 sides of your TV when connected via HDMI so it's as if your TV has zoomed in on the image it is receiving.

    So you are actually getting a ~650P image stretched over a screen that has 768P. Totally screws with the graphics and makes it look MUCH worse than it should.

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    slammy Guest
    I rather use my 1080p projector so I get that 100" sweetness. Samsung, Sony and Sharp use the same plant to make their LCDs, Pioneer buys LCDs from Panasonic. Panasonic has some sweet screens actually!

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    coolsxx Guest
    I think I don't mind about the TV.. I just need the TV can play the games fine. The other things are not important to me.

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    Darthswan Guest
    I looks real nice on my Mitsu Diamond 73!

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