When building a console, you'd better make sure it has a sweet logo. Here are the 10 greatest:

10. TurboGrafx-16

NEC wanted to drive home the point that its console packed 16 bits of fury. Thus, we have this beauty, which successfully communicates the system's power over its NES competitor. The machine didn't perform well in the States, but that's perfectly fine, since you can relive its best and worst offerings via Wii's Virtual Console.

9. Sega Saturn

Companies ballsy enough to name their system after a planet also need an out of this world logo. So Sega snatched Saturn from the heavens and then wrapped an S around it, just in case you assumed Nintendo was responsible for the machine. Too bad the Saturn died an early death. At least it gave us Panzer Dragoon Saga and Radiant Silvergun.

8. Xbox 360

The last thing Microsoft ever wants (aside from losing another billion) is for you to forget that its machines begin with X. There are three in the Xbox 360 logo, and while some may call them out for being silly, we appreciate the green and grey set against the white background, especially when we line up all of our 360 games on the bookshelf. And with the guide button, front and center, we're always reminded of the console's immediate accessibility.

7. Wii

N64 was too gaudy and GameCube was just ridiculous looking. But the Wii logo is, well, clean. Nintendo achieves style points for keeping it simple and slapping it over a white background. When you consider that the two I's often represent two people interacting, and that the Wii is predominantly a multiplayer console, everything neatly falls into place.

6. Genesis

Girls dig Genesis, but there's no question about this being a guy's logo. It's as if Sega forged it in steel. We can even picture some muscle bound blacksmith toiling away, hundreds of sparks erupting from each clang of his hammer. It's sweet.

5. PlayStation

When it redesigned its PSOne console, Sony tried to be slick with a new logo, but it pales in comparison to the immediately recognizable original. The red P and yellow, green and blue S embodies everything that is good about the PlayStation brand, including PS2 and even PS3.

4. PlayStation 2

Sony's PlayStation 2 logo screams "Look at me. I'm sexy, blue and from the future. Love me." Makes us wonder what the company was thinking with its Spider-man font inspired PlayStation 3 abomination.

3. Nintendo Entertainment System

It's difficult knocking the most famous logo in video games. On the one hand, Nintendo did a lazy job with the "Entertainment System" portion, as there's nothing stylish about it. It's the above part, however, that always grabs our attentions. Immediately recognizable, the Nintendo surrounded by a red oval is synonymous with more than two decades of gaming brilliance. One of the few logos we'd wear proudly if we trying to attract the opposite sex.

2. Dreamcast

Sega's Dreamcast is almost 10 years old, and we're still not tired of its swirled logo. As soon as we booted our systems, and watched that bouncing orange ball encircle the screen, we knew we were in for something special. Then we played Soul Calibur, and our lives were never the same.

1. Atari (various)

We harnessed the power of the Internet to uncover the story behind one of the coolest, most recognizable logos in gaming history and came up empty handed. So yeah, we have no idea what it means. But there's no denying its influence on not only video games but also pop culture and music, as it appears on T-shirts, in movies and these days, sub par products.

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