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    Xsquader Guest

    Is there still a PS3 News IRC channel?

    I've been gone some years. Just wondering. No one probably remembers me anymore though except maybe Admin and CJPC.

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    Apr 2005
    I do, and so does CJPC I'm sure.. there hasn't been an IRC channel for a few years, mostly due to a lack of time to sit and chat in one.

    However, it's nice to see ya back here Xsquader! We had some fun times years ago HEHE

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    Xsquader Guest
    Yeah we did. I can understand that. I just wasn't sure. I actually did have a PS3 for like a month a couple years back and then beat MGS4 then sold it. My 360 was stolen, I also sold my Wii. I have become mainly a PC gamer over the years.

    My daughter is 2 and a half now. How time flies. It seems like it was yesterday I was 14 running across the PS2 Ownz IRC channel lol. Now im 24. I might not be around much but I will always check in from time to time as you know I do as we did have some fun times years ago lol.

    BTW did you know Krawl has something to do with the warped tour? or at least he did last I talked to him a few years back. What next CJPC is a famous baseball player?

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Woah, that's a really long time Xsquader. But it's weird people are still coming here peau a peau, also if they wasn't here for years. I would definitely visit an IRC of PS3N - if there exist one.

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