Below is a compliation of the 10 things we want to upon first loading up GTA IV. In no particular order, here goes:

Play Cops 'N Crooks Multiplayer
For the first time in the Grand Theft Auto series, we'll be able to hop on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network to compete against others in a number of activities. Do you feel like taking part in a race through the city, or perhaps you're up for a little group criminal activity? We're eager to see what options Rockstar has in store for us - it'll almost be as addictive as that World of Warcraft game, but with machine guns.

Be a Bad-ass Criminal
In the Grand Theft Auto universe, it feels good having the whole world against you. Like previous games, GTA IV will give you the option to become America's most wanted in a matter of minutes. Shoot down a police chopper, knock down a cop and steal his squad car. Just don't be surprised when they finally bring you down in epic fashion. You had it coming.

Steal Your Dream Car
In GTA IV, multiple automobiles and motorcycles will be yours for the taking. All you need to do is yank the driver from the vehicle and enjoy. It could be anything, from a luxurious sports car to the casual truck seen in this photo. It'd be even more fun if you could steal a car from a friend, only to get in a gun-toting quarrel about who gets behind the wheel. We call shotgun.

Perform Superhuman Feats and Then Brush off the Damage
The cool aspect about the Grand Theft Auto games is the ability to take a lot of damage and either a. restart the game by coming out of the hospital to do it all over again or b. recover from your damage and continue to go nuts through the city. Here, you see someone taking a full-fledged dive towards a car's windshield. What would cost you thousands of dollars in real-life medical bills are only a few points of damage in the game - not to mention a lot more fun.

Throw People Off of Buildings and Other High-Rise Structures
The city knows no limits, as you can climb onto rooftops and do the unthinkable. This includes shooting someone in the face, grabbing and throwing him or her several hundred stories to their death. Yeah, it sounds sinister, but keep in mind that most of GTA's seedy types have it coming. Besides, you don't always have to look down to see the mess they make on the ground below.

Get Into the City's Nightlife
There are plenty of things you can do in Grand Theft Auto IV during the evening. Hit a club, pick up a few strippers for your own "personal pleasure", shoot up local neighborhoods to raise a little ruckus and even get drunk to the point that you're dizzy and unsure where to go next. It'll be like your typical Saturday nights, but without the penalty that awaits you the next morning.

Ride in Vehicles Other Than Cars
Grand Theft Auto IV's universe isn't just limited to cars on the ground. Oh, no, you can also go nuts in a helicopter. Hunting down your opposition has never been as satisfying as flying a chopper right into someone's car. There are also boats, in case you feel like cruising the coast from a distance.

Pull Off - Or Stop - the Ultimate Crime
In Grand Theft Auto IV, you plot your fate. You can either be the seediest criminal known to man or the ultimate vigilante. That gives you the option to either set up the ideal getaway or spoil it. Either way, it feels very intense, as you do whatever it takes to overcome the law or uphold it.

Explore the City for Goodies, Or Just Look Around
Grand Theft Auto IV's city is quite possibly the biggest city in the series to date, and the most realistic as well. You'll find tons of secrets here, from little nuggets that tie into Niko's past to bonus items that will give you unlockable Achievements on the Xbox 360 and credibility on the PlayStation 3. You'll spend hours here, whether you're online or off. Enjoy your stay.

Relieve Stress
Last but not least, there's the one great thing about Grand Theft Auto IV - being able to do whatever the hell you want. If you've had a crappy day and feel like the whole world has turned against you, you can enter this fictitious environment and relive stress. Crash a lot of cars and make them blow up; beat up people on the sidewalk for no apparent reason; and create a lot of havoc. The best part? You can turn off the console and go back to the real world without losing your sense of morality. Now that's something we can't wait to do.

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