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    Apr 2005

    Team HyperX Presents IXtreme 1.6 0800 XBox 360 Firmware

    Today Team HyperX presents IXtreme 1.6 0800 XBox 360 firmware for Benq, Samsung and Liteon drives.


    - Common API designed for easier application use!
    - Support for SS V2!
    - Direct 0800 mode for game dumping including SS v2!

    This firmware is =NOT FOR USE IN A CONSOLE= and is provided with the intended use of being in a dedicated "ripping" drive.

    Download: IXtreme 1.6 0800 XBox 360 Firmware (Benq) / IXtreme 1.6 0800 XBox 360 Firmware (Liteon) / IXtreme 1.6 0800 XBox 360 Firmware (Samsung)

    This means:

    a. Does not need your DVD key,
    b. Does not need spoofing as another drive,
    c. Does not need to use the tray half open and
    d. Does not need to use the activate.iso to use this firmware on the pc.

    More Info:

    SS v2 supports multiple timing samples for challenges type 5 and 7, storing them in the SS. This is a pre-requisite for SS v3 which has support for the so called AP2.5 check. Since this has never been used or may never be used by MS we will adopt a wait and see approach and continue to monitor for its usage.

    ix16 0800 Commands:

    AD 00 FF 02 FD FF FE 00 08 00 00 C0 - SS/CPRMAI

    AD 00 FF 02 FD FF FE 00 08 00 ID C0 - SS Challenge ID

    12 00 00 00 30 C0 00 00 00 49 58 01 - ix Cmd 1 - Dumps key and rev 0x30 bytes

    12 00 00 00 24 C0 00 xx xx 49 58 02 - ix Cmd 2 - Output 0x800 bytes from ram address

    12 00 00 00 24 C0 00 00 00 49 58 03 - ix Cmd 3 - Toggles Lock/UnLock Game partition

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Chubs05 Guest


    Pretty cool to hear about this new firmware. Will this work with the Red Elite Xbox? Just wondering because thats the recent xbox I own at the moment.

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    effbee Guest
    It's only for using the drive in Windows to dump discs, not for use in a 360.

    The normal Xtreme 1.6 can also dump games but you have to boot it with the drive half open and all for Windows to see it, this version eliminates that.

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    Alucard Guest
    nice i have one liteon drive that i'm not using, will give this a try!!

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    bootlegninja Guest
    anyone have a list of known compatible drives for these firmwares? I'd be interested in using this.

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