The man behind the rebalanced Super Street Fighter II will destroy you. David Sirlin has competed in SF tournaments since 1991, represented the USA at Japan's Super Battle Opera tournament, playtested every Capcom Classics re-release of the games and literally wrote the book on competitive gaming. He's also got a cool site where he writes fascinating essays on game design.

Human Street Fighter encyclopedia Sirlin knows the series better even than its creators, so when he tells the world that HD Remix is the true sixth revision of the most successful beat-'em-up series ever, it's press-stoppingly serious business. HD Remix may have started as a polished remake, but with tweaks and fixes it's now a whole new game - scrubbed up, more accessible for newcomers, and rebalanced for tournament play at the highest levels.

The strongest characters, namely Balrog, Dhalsim and Vega, are untouched save for dampening their most overpowered combos, and chumps like Cammy, T. Hawk and Zangief have been beefed up considerably. The relative strengths have been maintained, but the gaps between characters are now compressed so the very weakest character is no longer a ten-second body bag case for the toughest.

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