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    Starlight Guest

    Street Fighter's Chun Li Gets Dirty in Film

    Capcom Japan has released the first photo of Smallville's Kristin Kreuk as Chun Li in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li. As you can see, she's neither wearing her usual blue dress or have her hair wrapped in her trademark cute buns.

    Fans shouldn't be surprised, however; the new Street Fighter film hopes to take the video game adaptation more seriously this time around instead of the Van Damme cheeseboulder that snuck up on the world in 1994 like one of Dhalsim's sly reacharounds. We're following Chun Li as she scours Thailand as a street fighter to find her father's killer, M. Bison (Neal McDonough).

    Quick note: I don't know how, but she actually looks identical to how I imagined she would look when they announced the project--A dirty street fighter in Thailand, delving into the mucky muck. Street fighting isn't exactly a colorful world with costumes and junk.

    Don't worry, though, because one of the storyboards released shows her with the stereotypical hair we all know and love.

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    bchan009 Guest
    Video game adaptions make me cry, and Street Fighter: The Movie scarred me as a kid.

    Street Fighter: Alpha, on the other hand, was awesome. They should stick to animation for stuff like this - though I'm an animator so I'm perhaps a bit biased...

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    areklat Guest
    First SF film was not good.. we must wait for more opinion

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    Alucard Guest
    aahhh Van Damme is not in this one, well that sucks for him . . . LOL

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    bimmerm Guest
    Hopefully its good, but game based movies don't have a good track record.

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    cry0genik Guest

    Question Street Fighter should be re-released

    Been thinkin bout this for while - I bet it would be really lucrative if Capcom decided to re-release the original Street Fighter II, but re-release it as the same game built on a new engine...with the same soundtrack, but done with real instrumentation rather than 8 bit sound.

    I know there have neen new street fighters and stuff on new systems, but I dunno - something about that original one always got me.

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