Piracy is a very big problem in the gaming industry, primarily affecting the PC platform. As such, a lot of companies choose to release new titles exclusively to consoles, ignoring the PC platform for fear that they might lose a lot of money.

While the PC Gaming Alliance and other developers and publishers of video games are backing up the PC, it seems that they are fighting with the proverbial windmills.

But let's not forget that consoles do encounter problems, at least the Xbox 360, as we have recently learned that Capcom's upcoming Street Fighter IV title has already been leaked and is up for anyone to download and play on their modified Xbox 360 console.

Torrent sites are being assaulted by players eager to test out this long awaited title, as there are still quite a lot of days until the retail release of the game in Japan, February 12, North America, February 19, and last but not least, Europe on February 20. Also, let's not forget that the PC version of the game still doesn't have a concrete release date, as Capcom wants people to buy the title for the consoles first.

Street Fighter IV is the latest iteration in the long running fighting game franchise owned by Japanese company Capcom. Part of a new wave of remakes that have been appearing left and right these days, it is the first truly 3D game in the series, and was already released last summer in Japanese arcades.

The series has also recently seen an HD revamp of one of the most popular titles, Street Fighter II, in the form of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, which has been heavily downloaded since its launch on the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

While we don't condone piracy in any form, this will hopefully be a reminder to game developers that the PC isn't the only platform affected by it and that they need to strive to offer a great experience on all of the platforms that are able to run their games.

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