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    brugudoy77 Guest

    StartPatch v4.2.4x

    I want to use startpatch instead of Preloader and the new version of startpatch has Added IOS Selection: My question is which ios should i use? Can i use any ios? I'm afraid to use just any ios because i don't want to brick my wii.. i have installed CIOS cIOS202[38+60]-v4.wad, cIOS222[38]-v4.wad, cIOS223[38+37]-v4.wad, cIOS249-v14.wad, cIOS250-v14.wad, IOS70-64-v6687[TB+ES_diV+NAND].wad

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Is it for use to work with the app? Then choose IOS249.

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