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    Apr 2005

    Square Enix Puzzle Hints at New Final Fantasy XIII Announcement

    Update: RPGLand.com has now uncovered what appears to be a preliminary picture (below) of the Final Fantasy XIII North American PS3 box art on Play-Asia.com.

    Square Enix have posted an anagram on their official North American Final Fantasy XIII Web site recently. The puzzle, dubbed "A Henchmen Inventor Tent Unto," appears to hint at an upcoming Final Fantasy XIII announcement.

    Shortly following its release, FinalFantasy-XIII.net uncovered the message's meaning as: "Announcement Nov Thirteenth."

    To quote: "The nature of this 'announcement' is still up in the air, though our money's on an official North American release date for the super-anticipated RPG.

    Though, considering the speed at which the series is growing now, we wouldn't be surprised if Squeenix went ahead and dropped the Final Fantasy XV bomb on us."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    y2kkingboy Guest
    I'm sorry, is "Squeenix" in the text is typo or a new word for Square Enix that well be used in short of it?

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    teadiddy Guest
    squeenix isn't a typo, people have been referring square enix as that since the merge. also, the cover art doesn't look that convincing. the top of lightning's head is also cut off.

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