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    Takavach Guest

    Speculation: The Upcoming Apple Video Game Console

    Apple went from being a computer manufacturer to a consumer toy maker with the iPod.

    They then morphed into also being a phone manufacturer with iPhone, and in the process they have seen the massive profits that can be made by owning a proprietary gaming platform standard.

    Having seen what Apps store is making for them, they obviously want more. One obvious route this can take is to join Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo in the home game console market. Apple certainly have the technical expertise to do this.

    It costs billions to launch into the console market, as Microsoft will tell you. Fortunately Apple have $29 billion in the bank. Yes, that's right, $29 billion. You could buy a country or two with that. Also you need management who know what they are doing. Well Apple's management seem to have had all the right ideas thus far. But that is not stopping them currently recruiting some of the top management in the console game industry.

    Then there is the strongly rumoured takeover of Electronic Arts. Apple could very easily afford this and it would give them the guarantee of lots of content as and when iConsole is launched. In fact it wouldn't make much sense unless Apple were launching a game console.

    But the best thing about an Apple game console and the thing that makes it most likely is that it will allow them another opportunity to take on the old enemy, Microsoft.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Apple made a gaming console before.... Those who are like "Wut? lol..." don't need to look very hard to find it, and the reason they don't brag is because they failed where Sony and Microsoft "Their 2 biggest competitors" succeeded so easily. (Sony and Apple work together but are still competitors, Sony is the largest entertainment company in the world making devices for and creating every type of media, Apple is a Hardware company just like Sony, so they are competitors).

    The Iconsole will do this... These 18 year old jocks will think that Apple was the first console to include music streaming on it even though it will be the 4th 5th or 6th depending on when it is released. Sony had better fix their firmware 100% before then. It allows music in games but it is very hard to code so few do it. That needs to be fixed NOW. Only 4 games that I can think of so far use it, and it's really 3 and a half since Killzone 2 only works with it online. Next it needs to be when a PSP walks with in 30-60 feet of a console they automatically connect through blue tooth and all it needs is a confirmation on both sides to access it. This bar needs to be hidden while in game or watching a movie and will pop up the next time someone hits the PS button. Once a device is rejected it has to be manually over written or wait 30 minutes to ask for a connection again. Now with all this they also need to make XMB more customizable. XMB isn't very hard to navigate it self, but I would like to hide the settings and User options via the PS button if I want to.

    There are a few more things like organize the purchases you made in the PlayStation store. But I'm not all that worried about them right now.

    As for the 18 year old jocks who don't know anything about gaming they will think it's cool because it says apple on it... It's the truth and we all know it. (This does not apply to all jocks and is not limited to that set age group or social circle, other circles include Preps and computer nerds).

    Anyway no point worrying it's just going to be another mediocre product apple makes and markets as a must have. But I'm done ranting for now so Sony do what is listed above.

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