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    Starlight Guest

    Speculation: Sony's PlayStation Phone to Arrive This Fall?

    Wondering how long you'll have to wait until you can play PlayStation games on a certain phone? How does this fall sound? Below is what is known to date:

    - Sony refused Sony Ericsson rights to use the brand name 'PlayStation' for a PSP Phone they were planning to make.
    - The new Sony Ericsson Satio can run PlayStation games.
    - The Sony Ericsson Satio was revealed at the Red Dot Museum in Singapore.
    - The Sony Ericsson Satio is expected to be released this fall worldwide and will have downloadable applications available so it will also be a huge contender to the iPhone.
    - It was revealed that the phone could run PlayStation games when Hirokazu Ishizuka, Sony Ericsson's Corporate Vice President and Head of Asia Pacific Region said in the announcement:

    "I think we are very confident of our own solution- entertainment unlimited. Not only music entertainment experience but also imaging, cyber-shot technology and we have a 12.1 megapixels camera.

    On top of that, you can enjoy your PlayStation games so therefore this product is so powerful and we are very confident of this product's success."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005
    I approved this article, but slapped the 'ol "speculation" on it hehe.

    Although only time will tell, someone pointed out the following on N4G... which makes a bit more sense to me as well:

    I'm pretty sure the guy [Hirokazu Ishizuka] means via remote play, not downloading directly to the phone. But if the games do download to the phone, it would be great.

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    D3M0N2009 Guest
    This has been in speculation for ages ever since the rumour of a Slim & Lite PSP came out. But as we all know that rumour was true, but I doubt this one will be.

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    victorinox Guest
    it sounds expensive x.x too expensive to really believe i mean 12.1 camera =\ the new Iphone has a 3, if they could get that high, for a cheap price, Iphone would be a lot higher

    ill just assume this is a Iphone hater =P or someone with a LOT of wishful thinking.

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    xaxaxe Guest
    Hopefully it's going to have a decent SoC (CPU+GPU) and about 256MB of RAM. Preferably a Symbian OS or even a Android would be perfect.

    Although the design looks a bit chunky, it depends of the build quality and marketing strategy Sony uses.

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    zin0099 Guest
    i love sony products, but looking at the picture why doesn't the thing look like a psp go just like ipod touch looks like iphone?

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    MMBtalk Guest

    Playstation Phone

    It would make more sense than PSP, which is a duplication of what a phone can do these days, minus communication. A cellphone has become a tool which has taken over most tasks and I think Sony has learnt that. 12.1 Mega pixel for cameras has already been achieved by both Sony-Errikson and Samsung, so it is not a big deal.

    However if Sony wants to interest the masses can't they through software update make the PS3 more accessible to other cellphones in general. Surely there are not only thinking of how to sell a few more gadgets but to also truly become the multimedia centre piece in our living rooms. They have opted for a slower way and Xbox360 or Wii may just achieve that first.

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