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    Starlight Guest

    Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's XBox 720 to be Shaped by the Wii?

    In the dark days of the GameCube, amidst Internet rumblings of Nintendo going third-party, a little white box was being secretly developed in the inner sanctums of Nintendo.

    Having already launched the strange yet undeniably appealing DS, this new console had a working codename of Revolution.

    Nintendo dropped that moniker for the more market-friendly and more perverse title of the Nintendo Wii. Revolutions were scary they said, revolutions were about bloodshed, terrorist organizations and babies crying. Nintendo just wanted everyone to play.

    Controllers are scary, like the cockpit of a flaming 747. People just want to throw around their television remotes and Nintendo happily provided.

    In Apple fuelled haze, Nintendo went on a marketing blitz and began to do something they haven't done since the era of Super Nintendo; they ran commercials that targeted everyone including your dear old Grand Pappy.

    Gimmicky as the Wiimote may seem in retrospect, Nintendo grabbed the attention of the media and consumer wallets with its technology and Wii Sports. Not since the SNES has a system been so ready to play out of the box. It's that type of mass market acceptance that the other game companies would love to have.

    On the outside to the hardcore set, it seems like Nintendo served up an underpowered console with a unique input device; however, Nintendo did more than that: they inverted the typical market scheme for video games.

    Nintendo made money on the console from the first day it launched. Gone was the razor blade marketing, loss leading tactics that Microsoft and Sony and most previous consoles used to make money. Get the player to buy the hardware and make your money back on licensing and games sales.

    With over 48 million consoles sold, maybe the Wii is the unheralded revolution in gaming. If it isn't, it very least is a huge financial success. Maybe it is too early to speculate about the next generation of gaming but you have to wonder if the Wii has started a trend that Microsoft and the Sony brands might try to follow in the years to come.

    It has already been widely speculated that both Microsoft has Wii-like controllers in the works. MTV news reported that Microsoft has teamed with mouse maker Gyration to produce a motion controller code-named "Newton."

    However, the issue extends far beyond waggle controllers. What if Sony and Microsoft decide to produce a new generation of consoles that have little or no graphical improvement than the current generations? What if they opt rather to explore new input devices?

    Perhaps the next big thing won't be a major jump in movie realism and 7.1 Dolby Digital sound, but rather it'll be what type of 3D glasses the major companies are packing in with their game consoles.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    145i7h4 Guest


    i really don't think this would be so, because sony's ps3 was all new to it's kind. you know what i mean.. so ps4 would be really unique.

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    ninjad Guest
    I agree with the above post. Ps3 already has its built in blu ray that no other system gives for a good price considering home blue ray players are over 200 bucks. I wonder what the next Ps has to offer... cant wait!

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest
    If I'm allowed a prediction, probably the PS4 will be a small black box, probably more like a thin-client, and will use Sony's Clowd technology!

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    dotISO Guest
    The Xbox 720 would probably be round then

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    otarumx Guest
    The problem I see with other companies following Wii's steps for their next consoles is that they would go back to the times of the atari and colecovision with consoles seen as mere toys rather than videogame consoles and taking advantage of their cheapness create 5 or 6 different consoles and crowd the market. Let's face it right now the Wii is a toy for all ages with simple games and used for parties and a 5 minute game before bed.

    Yeah, it sold incredibly well but the price of other companies following suit would be too great for us gamers. We would say goodbye to games like Resistance, Final Fantasy, Burnout for some half assed waggle games and 3 or 4 gems among a sea of mediocrity. I like to believe that while some companies will see the dollar signs in this step back some will look forward and look at the hardcore gamers that don't really like this whole family easy and short gaming craze that is taking over the industry. Yeah, there is room for them and quite a lot of people enjoy them but some of those people can become real gamers and if they do it would be great to have a true next gen gaming console.

    Besides with Wii's success both 360 and PS3 can have a longer life and create better games for the "hardcore" gaming crowd.

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    tilla Guest
    I think I might probably just kill myself if the PS4 is more like the Wii..

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    Jbbrack03 Guest
    I don't think that M$ and Sony are going to copy the hardware profile of the Wii. They are however going to take a note on their casual games that reach a high audience. It's all about hitting the biggest number of people, and unfortunately there are more casual/non-gamers out there then there are hardcore. Our market is getting weaker and weaker.

    Anyway, both M$ and Sony analysts have stated that both companies have no plans to release new consoles before 2013 (probably longer for Sony). So this subject is kind of speculatory.

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    tragedy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Jbbrack03 View Post
    Anyway, both M$ and Sony analysts have stated that both companies have no plans to release new consoles before 2013 (probably longer for Sony). So this subject is kind of speculatory.
    Of course they'd both say that.

    However, it is interesting that the 360 is pretty much being utilised to its fullest already but people are only just beginning to show what the PS3 is really capable of, so I don't think Microsoft can afford to be complacent for too long, so I'd probably expect a new MS console within a year or two, whereas Sony could probably keep with the PS3 for maybe 3 or 4 years.

    Of course, in the current economic climate, both companies would be best just releasing souped versions of their current consoles that remain backwards compatible.

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    ZBlacktt Guest
    Looks like someone spelled "Monkey" instead of "Money" in that picture, lol. See it at the bottom?

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