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    Apr 2005

    Sony Officially Launches the PlayStation 2 in Brazil Today

    Hard to believe after Sony's PlayStation 2 console just turned nine years old it would finally hit Brazil, eh?

    That is exactly what Sony did today, according to Kotaku (linked above), the PS2 has officially launched in Brazil.

    To quote: "It's priced at R$799, which works out to be around USD$465. So, yes, it's expensive to buy video games in Brazil.

    Our man Pedro tells us that with a nine year-old console only just launching, there obviously isn't an official PS3 presence, though he says Sony do sell some older PS3 games. For R$199 (USD$115).

    Ever wanted to know why piracy was rife in South America, those prices might get you in the right direction."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    livpool Guest

    Big Grin

    Wow, a play-station-two you say??

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    semitope Guest
    Games here reach 100USD generally as well. So no way I can be down on piracy

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    Bebureiku Guest
    Funny thing is that in other big retail stores, a PS2 costs about R$490 (for a long time now), which would be about 280 dollars. Just to add some info, Sony intends to launch ps3 here in Brazil in 2010 (or already at this xmas), so this was probably to add up the entire VGs line-up.

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    nelak Guest
    I live in Argentina, so I can tell you that being a gamer here it's really expensive.

    Just to give you an idea the PS3 retails for 870U$S at SonyStyle and that's just the console. And latest games retail for like 130U$S.

    That's 1000U$S and you have people complaining about piracy... :s
    (This are Sony's official prices in Argentina)

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    Solfegieto Guest
    Are you sure about that? The ps3 isn't oficially released in Argentina yet and i have seen it around 1000usd in some stores.

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    veggav Guest
    I bought the ps3 in the month it got released, I've payed something around 1300 usd. Very expensive here.

    It was my present of graduation

    Now he is just standing there without games to play because they are so expensive for me.

    And I sold my games and bought a nintendo wii, yes 13 ps3 games gave me a fully modded nintend wii that I can download the games and play freely.

    Doing it with my girlfriend just at this moment!

    Go homebrew!

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    tosketa Guest
    Piracy in Brazil is what sells the consoles! In Brazil, everyone have a Xbox 360 because of the piracy...

    PS2 indeed...

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    talruum Guest

    Wink Think global

    Brazil doesn't got good computers or electronics fabrics. Almost ones are just assemblers. Yes, it's expensive to have video games in Brazil, but it's very cheap to have a good cooffee, eat a good fruit, or just drink a mineral water. Brazil got natural resources. Most agro-economics here.

    Let you Americans, Europeans, and Asians be making these things that we haven't. And we make the things you don't Let's think global. Am I forgeting anybody? Oh yeah... Africans... I guess Africa got a lot and lots of animals from this beautiful world. North and South poles only to science right? hehehe

    But anyway, I hope the economics here grow and people stop piracy. When you buy the game, you known how much it value to you. You play it until the end. Who really play a thousand of pirated games?

    When piracy decrease, the cost of the games decrease either. It's obvious.

    Paraguay is the center of pirated things, coming from China, and entering in Brazil easily. People cross rivers with thousand of dollars of pirated things to sell here. Unfortunaly, this things still happens here.

    Stop piracy! But hack the PS3 for fun :P Let us think we can beat Sony and IBM freaks.

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    ynoz Guest
    i'm in colombia, here at sony style stores (yes we have a couple of those!) the fat ps3 is being sell for U$450, that's insane for us, that's two times our monthly minimun salary. i've got mine for U$800 two years ago, the mgs boundle, so it is very expensive to be a gamer here, at least a ps3 gamer because sony haven't ever paid attention to South american market, although nintendo and microsoft had.

    their consoles rule seven gen pie here, i.e. a totally pirated wii with to controllers and 10 games cost u$350 and xbox arcade cost the same, pirated games are U$5 for both, ps3 games are U$100, so no wonder piracy rule my country, i've got a great job so i managed to own 9 games (but i'm buying them in the states) but i'm one of the 1200 ps3 colombian gamers compared to almost 100000 wii players and 25000 xbox players.

    sony isn't the only one to blame for VGs to be expensive, in south america,the goverments of our countries are guilty as well, because they charge VGs with taxes that increases insainly VGs prices.

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