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    Pcsx2006 Guest
    Here in Pakistan Xbox360 is beating PS3 and wii by 3:1 due to piracy as price of an arcade xbox360 is 24000rs (300$) while ps3slim 120gb is 32000rs (400$) and wii is for 24000rs (300$) But still all three are expensive but as xbox360 and wii are hacked therefore games are dirt cheap aswell ie 150rs (2$) but as Pakistani gamers are spoild by heavy graphics we did'nt even touches wii so thats why xbox360 is winning in Pakistan but if PS3 will ever hacked we'll surely buys ps3 even if its worth 1000$.

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    everglow21 Guest
    Here in Brunei (Borneo,South-East Asia) a PS3 slim costs roughly about BN$560 (U$400) Big PAIN! and PS3 games cost an average of BN$90-100 (US$64-70) another big pain.

    so most people here have Xbox's (Screw them) just because its hacked and able to play pirated games. (piracy here is actually very legal, lol) but what sucks for them is that they can never play online no more, unlike us PS3 users

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    leftnut101 Guest
    I tend to disagree a little with talruum, because while I don't know how it all works; people still pirate games (one reason being) because they are expensive. Even in Australia, where it is a wonderful first world country with not many problems, Australian gamers generally pay roughly $100USD for new-release games. I either wait a long time until a game I really want is about half that, or I pirate it.

    Usually I just pirate the game, because I find that too many games aren't worth my money, for any console. And what about if you pay $100 or more for a game, then you are able to beat it thoroughly within two days, and find that it has very little re-play value? That to me would be a rip-off as well, so luckily I am slow. I don't collect games for the sake of collecting, I do play them. just my thoughts.

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    br4insick Guest
    thats just sad. does brazil even have 1080p LCDs or HDMI cables? hahah i was surprise to see a current release (madden 10) on ps2 the other day. PS2 gets the job done, plus like u guys say, its the piracy and homebrew that is the big ups..

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    cfwprophet Guest

    This isnt funny!!Thats a mass for the whole mankind!!
    Such things should not be happen in this times.

    Will be the x360 available in Brazil? And why this happens? Whats wrong with brazil or releasing a videogame console there?

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    BrenoAkiy Guest
    this is a joke right? I live here in Brazil and I can tell you that playstation 2 has been released a long time ago (8 years maybe) but about the prices, yes, video games are REALLY expensive here in Brazil.

    all of my friends have pirated games, not a single original one. also, ps3 has been around here like 2 years ago...

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    Yukio95 Guest
    Branzilian people can now say that finally Sony do it !

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    Maldaxas2000 Guest
    I have no idea how they lived without a Sony PlayStation 2
    Maybe and PlayStation 3 in that country appear only after 5 years.

    I'm interesting, what sharing profits will Sony get for that?
    Because new games will not appeared in the future and I think brazilians really will not buy console for old games. Or Sony PlayStation 2 will rebirth, but I don't think so.

    Sorry for spelling errors.

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