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    Sony: Full PlayStation 2 Support Will Continue in 2010

    For those who don't yet own a PS3, it's nice to know that Sony intends to continue fully supporting the PS2 console in 2010.

    Sony is seeking to emphasize that the PlayStation 2 has an extensive game library in comparison to the Nintendo Wii.

    Speaking to GamePro.com (linked above) in a recent interview, Sony's Director of Hardware Marketing John Koller has stated the following, to quote:

    "Yes, we have a very firm stance, and we're going to continue to support the PlayStation 2 wholeheartedly. The PS2 obviously had a price drop this year, which gets forgotten because of the PS3 noise, but it's still selling exceedingly well.

    It's a new demographic, a consumer that's maybe a "last gamer" or a consumer that's new to gaming. With this economy, coming in at $99, a lot of these consumers are choosing between a PlayStation 2 and a Wii, and you're looking at a PS2, which is $99 and carries 2000 games."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Starlight Guest
    This is nice to hear as the PS2 has many games i even haven't tried yet and some of my friends are starting to buy PS2s as they never had a gaming console and with the Free McBoot out there you can play backups without any kind of a modchip, just getting it onto a memory card at first will require a boot method and then the large amount of games can be enjoyed like i still do.

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    kev2002 Guest

    MC boot note.

    After Christmas I inherited my son's ps2 as he has a newer machine now. I already had a modded xbox1 so looked into what is possible on ps2. I found out about modding, disk swapping and this MC Boot thing which really is excellent.

    If you are looking into using the MC Boot exploit then you need to be aware of one thing: you need as many different USB memory sticks as you can get your hands on because the PS2 (despite what many out there might tell you regarding the FAT format) is VERY fickle. I went through so many expensive and cheap alike only to find the only one that worked was an old college USB stick. It was a nightmare but man it was worth it!

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