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    Sony closing servers for some PS2 and PSP games

    Sony has announced today that as from June 30th, 2008 a variety of PS2 and PSP games will no longer be online compliant.

    Here is the list in full:

    PlayStation 2:

    Destruction Derby Arenas
    Everybody's Golf
    EyeToy Chat
    F1 '04
    Jak X
    Lemmings PS2
    My Street
    Syphon Filter Omega Strain
    This is Football 2004
    This is Football 2005
    Twisted Metal: Black Online


    World Tour Soccer 2

    After this date, you will still be able to play them offline, with the exception of EyeToy Chat and Twisted Metal: Black Online, which do not have offline modes.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    bobtheduck Guest
    That really sucks... Not that I ever used eyetoy chat, or for that matter ever managed to get my PS2 online (setup was more difficult on PS2 than PS3)

    I heard Portable ops was going down too, because of MGO... I hope that's not a trend...

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    ArtVandelae Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bobtheduck View Post
    I heard Portable ops was going down too, because of MGO... I hope that's not a trend...
    That sounds odd. Portable Ops isn't that old or unpopular yet.

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    CrystalC Guest
    I also read that Monster Hunter and RE: outbreak series are offline too. I wish Capcom would have private server option built into the game or something.

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    mxdan Guest
    Monster hunter! I never even got a chance to play it once >_>...

    I hope it doesn't shut down this year.

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    crazyidiot872 Guest
    atv offroad fury no longer works online either

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    Muzikdude Guest
    Reminds me of when they canned the Metal Gear online servers = (...
    Although, they SHOULD get rid of the Socom 1 server... anybody who still plays that online is nuts.

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    m3sport Guest
    Bah! Twisted Metal Black... WHY!

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    polyproxyfan Guest
    I got a chances to play Resident Evil online once. It's sad to hear companies just abandoning instead of improving online games.

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