In recent months, many of us have been so wrapped up with PS3 stuff and the nice spring/summer weather that we didn't have time to finish testing some of the new vBulletin 3.7 features until recently.

The Staff'ers and Member classes have been using "Profile Visitor Messaging" for several weeks now successfully, and so tonight we have enabled it for the Registered User (5+ posts) class as well.

Pictured below, I received a Profile Visitor Message from Starlight, and whenever you leave one for a user they receive a notification in their Forum navbar (circled in red). Upon clicking the "Unread Profile Visitor Messages" I read it, and then replied to Starlight on his Profile (below the red triangle/arrow).

That's it, just wanted to make Registered Users aware they can now communicate with other users using this new system... you can also EDIT any Visitor Messages on your own Profile too guys. Have fun!

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