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    Starlight Guest

    Should PS3 And PC Fans Be Jealous of Exclusive GTA IV DLC?

    As a follow-up to today's earlier article, we all know the initial verdict is out. The 360 only DLC for GTA IV ('Lost and the Damned') is looking capital 'A' awesome.

    Great news for some of us, but where does that leave our beloved Sony console?

    This is what DLC is supposed to be! Rockstar, who over the last decade have consistently stood at the tip of the gaming spear as it thrusts ever forward into bolder and broader areas, has yet again delivered a landmark moment in the evolution of our gaming culture.

    Since Microsoft introduced us to the concept of DLC, we have watched in horror as it has again and again become nought but an upwardly turned middle finger, used by greedy publishers to sodomise their loyal fans (case in point: Oblivion's Horse Armour). But The Lost and Damned, the first of two Xbox 360 exclusive downloadable episodes for GTA IV, is the perfect example of DLC done right.

    This is not a Knothole Island, or a Shivering Isles where you stay as the same character and merely explore more of the same world, from the same perspective. So much of what GTA is, is driven by the character - be it Tommy, CJ, Niko . That said, playing as Johnny Klebitz, Vice-President of The Lost Motorcycle Club makes this DLC feel like a whole new game.

    Through Johnny you the player will experience Liberty City in a whole new light. Whereas before you might have used landmarks like Roman's taxi joint, or a girlfriend's house to impart geographical awareness, now your grounding points are completely different. It's much like moving house and then ten years later cruising back through your old neighbourhood such is the shift in perspective.

    It's an amazing psychological phenomenon and a key insight into the core of what is it about Rockstar that makes its games so genius. It is also ensures that The Lost and Damned should be viewed with envy by PS3 and PC GTA IV fans.

    But it begs the question: how exclusive will this content really be? Sure everybody knows that the big M dumped Liberia's deficit on Rockstar to secure these two episodes, but does that exclusivity have a time limit that will only delay the inevitable port to the PS3 and PC platforms?

    Furthermore, how often have we seen the term 'exclusive' applied to a 360 game, only to see it show up later elsewhere - quite a few times.

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    paradesianx Guest
    No, they shouldn't. I know I'm not atleast. It's a good game without all that stuff.

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    Zeljeznicar Guest
    It is just discrimination because the PS3 is black...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest
    I wouldn't be willing to drop $20 for this content. GTA IV was by far the worst GTA i have ever played. Aside from the graphics, it was absolutely dull and boring. I still own it (for the PlayStation 3) but only so that I can get the remaining 64% of the Trophies.

    I'm sure that you don't have to ride a motorcycle the whole time but, regardless, the DLC seems even less attractive because I'm horrible a driving motorcycles in GTA. (Cars too...)

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