In San Francisco today, Microsoft is holding its Spring Showcase 2008, giving members of the press a chance to view and play some of the publisher's 2008 line-up.

During the event, we had a chance to sit down and chat with Shane Kim of Microsoft Game Studios and wasted no time, immediately asking about the rumored Wii-mote-like controller for Xbox 360. Kim told us that no such controller is being announced today, but Microsoft does not comment on rumors.

He went on to say that Microsoft is very pleased with the success of Xbox 360 peripherals -- such as the Scene It! controller -- and the company is always investing in research and development of new innovative devices.

When asked if Microsoft has experimented with a Wii-mote-like controller for Xbox 360, Kim did not give a direct answer. However, he did say that Microsoft has to be careful about doing such a thing, as it could be "dangerous" to blatantly rip-off Nintendo's Wii controller.

He added that Microsoft has to find and do what is best for itself, noting that what works for Nintendo might not work for Microsoft.

It should be noted that Banjo Threeie, the game most rumored to be directly associated with the device, was also demoed at the show and was done so with the traditional Xbox 360 controller.

We asked the Rare rep if they had heard the rumors regarding their game being the showpiece for a new controller, and they simply laughed and said they were happy people were talking about the game.

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