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    saviour07 Guest
    I don't mind GIFs in avatars because that's out of the way from the body of text the user is posting and as such is not distracting.
    But with Sig's they're designed to be the last part of the text that a user posts and as such will be highly visible.

    I just find GIFs annoying when in Sigs and to an extent they make the forums look worse by convoluting the discussion with distracting animations.

    Think of a Sig as something personal to you as a user:

    - An image that you have created (we all know there are some great artists on these forums!).
    - A favourite/funny/thought-provoking quote.
    - If advertising, then a link with the Logo of the Site/Shop/Service you're offering.

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    joffe Guest
    Well, one reason for me to register at ps4news.com was - don't lol - the absence of signatures. The clean and well-kept layout makes reading and posting a real pleasure. So, here are my 'votes':

    1) Jr Members and above
    2) No special idea here, but bear in mind that image-only signatures are easiest to verify and approve. Signature texts should be excluded in searches or selecting 'Search Signatures' would be mandatory. Links may link to a proper destination, several months later you'll find malware there. It would be sad to lose manpower from posting care to signature verification.
    3) Maybe 75px for normal members, 150px for premium?
    4) at least Contributor and above should be able to 'hide' signatures. The signatures might be spoilerlike fold in or out, a global setting for reading default could be then Sig-On or Sig-Off. It would be nice to have a button (beside rep' maybe) to fold out signature for a posting to have a peek when default Sig-Off is selected
    5) for me it would not result in more postings, for others - no idea. Does male-enlargement really work?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have +Rep'd the feedback since my last checkpoint... we are very close to being done with our Admin backend porting work, hopefully by next weekend it should be 100% completed at the latest and then we will finally be able to invest some time and move forward with these newer ideas based on everyone's feedback here!

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    matt101 Guest

    add a signature to posts

    is it possible to add signatures to our posts ...ie...gamercards

    [Register or Login to view code]

    don't know if it is allowed

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