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    A Second Montauk Monster Washes Up on a Southold Beach

    I remember when the first Montauk Monster washed up on a Ditch Plains beach last year.

    Now, a second "Montauk Monster" has surfaced on the shores of Long Island.

    According to Montauk-Monster.com (overloaded with traffic at the moment) they were contacted by a couple claiming they've found a second Montauk Monster, and made a video (contains adult language) as follows:

    To quote: The couple who tipped me off loaded the carcass into a garbage bag and took it home with them. We've been in correspondence numerous times and have agreed that for the remainder of the week, we'd keep this matter to ourselves. The remains are currently located in Southold in a cooler full of ice.

    We did not contact any authorities as from previous experiences; the carcass has been taken from the finders or mysteriously "stolen". If this is a genetic mishap from Plum Island, we'd like to sell the remains to an independent lab for study.

    It has become a race against the clock as the couple who originally found "Beastie" are diligently putting more ice into the cooler to keep the carcass fresh.

    Real, or a hoax? Only time will tell for sure...

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    driftlessnights Guest

    Lightbulb I Don't KNow

    This is really something to look at. Its falls in the same catergories as Aliens, UFO's, Angels, Demons, Loch Ness Monster, etc... Is It Real, Or a Hoax. I agree with you guys 100%. Only time will tell...

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