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    Apr 2005

    SCE Asia Expands PlayStation Market to Indonesia

    SCE Asia President Tetsuhiko Yasuda has announced plans for expansion today to bring Sony's PlayStation product line to Indonesia.

    According to Kotaku, beginning this October Sony Computer Entertainment Asia will begin selling the 120GB PlayStation 3, the PSP and the PSPgo to Indonesian customers.

    To quote: "Starting this October, the PS3, PSP and PSPgo will be available for Rp4,499,000; Rp2,599,000 and Rp3,599,000 respectively (including tax).

    Indonesia is the latest country SCE Asia has expanded into. Other SCE Asia subsidiary markets include Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and Malaysia."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    mihaiolimpiu Guest

    Good news!

    This kind of news makes me think that there is still hope for my country! Giving that when Sony OFFICIALLY supports a teritory usua'ly it means full PSN acces with store and all bells and whistles! Come on Sony give Romania PS STORE/HOME acces!

    P.S.: I know no one from Sony is reading this but it just feels good!

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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mihaiolimpiu View Post
    P.S.: I know no one from Sony is reading this but it just feels good!
    Hehe, I wouldn't be too sure of that.. we actually have a lot of @scee.com/@scea.com registrations here, and just a few days ago someone from Naughty Dog contacted us. They are all watching... trust me.

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    ils Guest
    yes this is indeed a very good news (i'm from Indonesia) but too bad the price is too high from "official price"

    when you divide it by 10.000 - (US to IDR rate around 9700 - 9800 @ 03/10/2009) you got..

    PS3: Rp4,499,000 ~ US$450+
    PSP: Rp2,599,000 ~ US$ 260+
    PSPGo: Rp3,599,000 ~ US$360+

    compare it to non-official retailer (of course, no warranty from SONY Indonesia)
    PS3: Rp3,400,000 ~ US$340+
    PSP: Rp2,100,000 ~ US$ 210+

    oh well, at least now i can purchase PSN Games without importing PSN Card and hopefully PSN Indonesia content's will at least comparable to Singapore's.

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    GeziaChan Guest
    Yup That's what make me confuse and dissapointed. When i heard that Sony open their Official store in indonesia. I was on fire again because i really want to buy ps3 but with official warranty and cheap price $299 but then again when my friend told me the price.. it just... not make any sense, so i contact sony indonesia and they told that.

    It's Indonesia Sony policy to sell that Ps3 with that silly price.. so like ils say... "oh well" it's all about the money... how to make a big profit with less source ... so back to psp and pc...

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