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    Takavach Guest

    Rumor: Universal Video Recording Feature Coming to XBox 360

    It appears as though a developer has already hinted that universal game video recording is officially coming to the Xbox 360 courtesy of Microsoft.

    According to Kotaku, this means the type of recording things you see in Halo 3, to quote:

    "In a meeting last week with a game developer at the Tokyo Game Show, I asked them if they were planning on trying to incorporate in-game video capture into their title. The type you see in Halo 3.

    The answer was interesting and, I believe, accidental.

    "We'd love to have video capture in our game, but why work on something that the platform holder is already developing," said the developer, who I'm keeping anonymous to cover for his accidental slip-up.

    The idea of a universal, platform-level video capture system for games seems like a good idea, and one that fits in nicely with the plans that Microsoft has for the Xbox 360."

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    kybalion Guest
    If this is true, I hope that the videos can be gotten out of the Xbox360 system. And onto third party video sites like YouTube.

    I imagine it will be heavily DRMed and only sharable through Xbox Live though.

    That is, if it isn't just a fake rumor anyway, and this seems like a pretty big feature to add on a platform level at this late date.

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    mrgreaper Guest
    i can see them adding a fraps like video recording but not a true capture like in halo 3 (how the hell does it do that?!) and even then im not to sure
    renember the 360 only has 512megs of ram (i have a 360 and a ps3 so dont think me a fanboy or a trol for what im about to say)
    an example that the 360 is already pushed to its limits is risen if you play it on the 360 then play it on the pc you will see the graphics are severly down sized to make it run on the 360 (when i saw risen on a friends pc i was sure he had loaded a different game !) (again before it is said ..graphics dont make gameplay and risen is good)

    then look at the upcomming operation flashpoint, on the original pc version you had the whole map, this is suposedly cut into sections on the consoles to be able to run.

    my point is they are already pushing the 360 to the max of its abilities and developers are getting what they can from the sytem, trying to record on top of that would be pushing it just too far unless the game was specificly designed for it

    yeah i know i suck at explaining things lol

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    dreday78 Guest
    Would be a great feature if its possible, but I suspect its just a rumor. Unless MS plans some revisions to the hardware sometime in the future, maybe along with the Natal bundle?

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