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    Rumor: SEGA Planning to Launch SEGA Vision Portable in 2009

    Reports from UK Web site The Register (linked above) indicate that SEGA is planning to release a 'PSP beater' in 2009 called the SEGA Vision.

    It will be a portable media player with video game functionality, as well as having the ability to play films and being able to capture images and video. Other features include a built in TV Tuner and e-book viewer.

    To quote: Sega will next year launch a portable media player boasting enough functionality to threaten Sonyís PlayStation Portable, the Register Hardware can exclusively reveal.

    The PMP is to be called the Sega Vision and itíll work as a videogames machine, in addition to playing films. The unit will feature an integrated camera for capturing still images and video. A built-in TV tuner will provide yet another form of entertainment. Video below!

    xoDlDhyhgBI More PlayStation 3 News...

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    imec Guest
    Being a huge Sega fan, I was disappointed when I discovered that the supposed Sega Vision is primarily a PMP. Sega of America stated that "the Sega Vision is a real device, but is not intended to be a re-entry into the hardware market and is not designed to compete with Sony or Nintendo." Sega continued to state that it is primarily designed as an MP4 player (which isn't surprising considering the layout).

    Source: http://www.rpgsite.net/news/281.html

    They also stated that it's not actually designed by Sega but a cheap third-party in China. I really hope that Sega is able to make it back into the hardware business someday. (there recent game lineup seems to be of a higher quality lately; so maybe they will be able to afford it in the near future?)

    According to Sega of America this is indeed a real device. Unfortunately it is made by a cheap third-rate company in China and is primarily geared as a MP4 player (which isn't surprising at all considering the layout). This is a devastating blow as a Sega fan, but perhaps Sega's latest line-up will pull them out of this tailspin.

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    Nanobr3ker Guest


    I remember Game Gear had similar features...

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    31ken31 Guest

    Thumbs Down PSP Beater? Don't think so...

    Read this article. This is nothing but a glorified MP4 player.. Game support for it comes as JAVA MINI GAMES... And if its a portable TV as well what about Feb 2009 when the nation goes digital?


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    aleXtrm Guest
    I laughed when I saw the video after reading the preceding text, rambling about it threatening the psp...YEAH I am really going to give up my psp to play MINI JAVA GAMES... honestly what is sega doing...?

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