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    Apr 2005

    Rumor: Nintendo Wii 2 with Blu-ray and 1080p Coming in 2010?

    According to Artik of French site Logic-sunrise.com, the Nintendo Wii 2 is allegedly set to arrive in 2010 and include Blu-ray and 1080p support.

    This rumor appears to stem from an internal source of the marketing department at Nintendo France, however, little information is available to substantiate it unfortunately.

    To quote from Ripten (linked above): "It could be that it wasn't posted on the French site itself although that wouldn't make much sense.

    All in all, the rumored "leak" states that Nintendo is working on a Wii sequel with the following:

    - The Wii2 system will feature a Blu-Ray drive with a secondary aim of stopping piracy.
    - 1080P and lower resolutions will be supported, for blu-ray movies and games.
    - The release date is scheduled for third quarter of 2010.
    - The release will be worldwide and on the same day for all countries.
    - A scheme will be available in which it is possible to trade in the original Wii for a cheaper price on the new Wii 2."

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Adam777 Guest

    Big Grin

    NOW this would be amazing if it pans out!!

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    imtoodvs Guest
    this sounds to good to be true, we should also pre order a a purple rooster that lays princess cut diamond eggs with gold trim, and 2160p holographic contact lenses to play god of war CCCIV.

    just a thought.

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    Mantagtj Guest

    Big Grin

    50 gig of mario (sucks) lol.

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    idone Guest
    I'd have to say this sounds very plausible.

    To me it still seems kinda crazy how well the wii has done with such lame titles.. and so many of them!! whats sad is that alot of their current games can be compressed down to under 1gb (on average)

    So umm.. with games struggling to fill a dvd5 one would wonder if they will even release games on BD since the majority wont need the space..... but i guess sony does this also (putting smaller than dvd5 games on BD,.. so who knows really

    but still awsome news!! lets all hope some hw pics get leaked

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    Shrink Guest
    Sounds possible as this rumor isn't too obscure. However the Wii 2 will be nothing else but a PS3 in any point just yet.

    If Nintendo wants to keep up to it's competitors they will have to figure some innovative system again. Just like they did with the Wii. In any other case the Wii 2 will be a total failure as the low quality games might further occur on the new Wii as publishers don't see any advance besides resolution.

    So the biggest 2 points Nintendo needs to improve is quality management and of course innovation. Besides that they will have to rethink their security concepts.

    In my opinion the Wii2 will have a very hard struggle competing the other consoles because Nintendo overslept too much development.

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    c1one Guest

    Good Business

    Nintendo has always done well at making money. While Sony and Microsoft loose money on consoles, they are making money on consoles after a week of sales. To the benefit of us consumers, they can jump in anytime and make a "next gen" quality console.

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