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    barrybarryk Guest
    Some new spec rumours today, apparently it'll use a proprietary 'disc' system with a 25GB max capacity, no HDD but 8GB of flash memory in the console.


    Doesn't sound right but it is nintendo so I wouldn't be surprised if there is a curve ball in there like the game 'discs' having their own memory for saves etc like they were working on for the SNESCD addon, but 8GB of local storage definitely doesn't sound right to me. Even a few wiiware titles would quickly use that up. But at the same time It wouldn't be like nintendo to use a conventional HDD for local storage.

    The proprietary disc system sounds about right though given nintendo's love of proprietary storage (the wii is the only nintendo system to not use such a system)

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Looks like someone has leaked a video of a dev kit which shows the console and an image of the controller

    Looks like the other pictures of the console itself are accurate with the controller looking a lot like a Gamecube wavebird pad with a 6" touchscreen slapped in the middle

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    Apr 2005
    Thanks for the updates barrybarryk and +Rep!

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    severusx Guest
    It is shaped exactly like the the retail box for MS Office 2007, not exactly an inspired design.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Well yeah I still reckon it's fake and more an elaborate hoax by some design students mostly because of the lack of an Ethernet port (even if there isn't one on a retail unit surely a dev kit would have one) but also I think the omission of an optical drive (a full size one anyway) would be disastrous.

    No backwards compatibility and no blu rays or even dvds? just sounds a bit too much for me, though there is a rumour that the games will be sold on 25GB flash cartridges (or memory cards depending on your semantics). Either way we'll find out soon enough, roll on the E3.

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