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    Takavach Guest

    Rumor: Nintendo DSi May Be Region Locked, Can't Play MP3s

    And now we come to the final part of our show, wherein you asked questions, and we put them to Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, and he answered.

    First up came a question regarding region locks on the Nintendo DSi handhelds. And Reggie's answer? "To be honest I don't know for sure, I will look into it." He added that he thinks that the device will be region locked, purely on the fact that the downloads for the system are region based.

    Man, I am going to be so damn disappointed if I can't play my copy of Tingle's Balloon Fight on there. Especially after the trouble I went to to get it!

    Nintendo has said they will look into it for us, so we'll keep on it sometime in the coming weeks.

    Another question was a simple one: The DSi can play music, so can it play MP3s? And the answer is "no, it plays the AAC format. It's an easy conversion."

    That may be true, but let's face it, MP3s have the run of society; are people going to be eager to have to switch their music before loading it to the DSi?

    And there you have it. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I have a new question for Nintendo. WTF is wrong with you?! Okay when I first saw the tittle I thought, "You know maybe they didn't want MP3's it's a stupid move, But I can't help it." But this is out of this world! Why in hell would you do acc format instead of MP3...

    At any rate, the camera looks cool. But I'll stick to my psp for all my music/video/picture need's. Funny thing is, I would have bought one if they played MP3's.

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    trim Guest
    the nds doesnt play mp3s, but everyone who wants to listen to mp3s may buy a m3 real or similar. i don't know, whether those modules will work on the ndsi, but i guess they wont change the whole system, so it won't take long until new modules will be released.

    the region lock would be quite stupid indeed, although you could create a rom from your local module, which would be able to play with a homebrew module.

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