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    Rumor: Modern Warfare 2 Gun Roster Revealed by Fan site

    According to Modern Warfare 2 fan site, MW2Blog.com, the current Modern Warfare 2 weapons roster has been revealed.

    Featuring current favorites from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, such as the G36C, M4 Carbine, SVD Dragunov and H&K MP5, as well as more recently released and concept weaponry, the weapons roster is currently looking pretty well rounded, with an already larger choice of weapons to the last Modern Warfare game.

    The full (alleged) list is below, as follows:

    Assault Rifles
    FAMAS - Bushmaster ACR - M16 - AK-47 - Steyr AUG A2 - Imbel MD3 - FN 2000 - G36C - M4 - MK. 14 EBR - G3 - TAR-21 - FN SCAR - FN FAL

    Sniper Rifles
    SVD Dragunov - Walther WA2000

    Sub-Machine Guns
    FN P90 - UMP .45 - TDI Kriss - H&K MP5

    Franchi SPAS-12 - W1200 - Armsel Striker 12 Guage - Remington 870MCS - Winchester 1887 - AA-12

    Light/Heavy Machine Guns
    RPD - MK46 - AUG HBAR-T - MG4 - M240

    USP .45 - Glock 18/22 - M1911 .45 - Desert Eagle or Baby Eagle

    Combat Knife - Ice Picks

    C4 - Frag Grenade - Stun Grenade - Smoke Grenade - Semtex

    Gun Attatchments
    Red Dot Sight - Heartbeat Sensor - ACOG - Silencer - EOTech Sight - Thermal Scope - Master Key

    Grenade Launchers
    GP-25 Grenade Launcher - M203 Grenade Launcher - AT4 Rocket Launcher (Heat Seaking/Lock-On)

    Riot Shield

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jaron312 Guest

    Smile Goody

    I hope this will be the official gun list.

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    NexXtTime Guest
    I agree, however, I slightly doubt the legitimacy of this list. There have never been this many shotguns in any of the COD games.

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