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    Rumor: Mirror's Edge PS3 will be a Timed Exclusive

    We donít believe you David Reeves. It would be kind of us to say that much of what you spout is exagerated, but now you, Mr SCEE boss, have more "news" for us. DICEís promising first person adventure game, Mirrorís Edge, will be a timed PS3 exclusive.

    A Turn Up for the Sony?

    That would certainly be good news for Sony, especially considering our impressions of the game at E3 and the seductive footage revealed at Leipzig GC 08. Moreover, itíd be better move than Sonyís Hazey chapter with Ubisoft. According to Heise.de, David Reeves has informed them that Mirrorís Edge will "initially be PS3 exclusive this year", with the "PC and Xbox 360 versions to follow much later", further stating:

    We are continuously, month after month publishing new titles that bring something unique and target different groups. In a month itís Gran Turismo, in the next SingStar, and Third-Party Titleís such as EAís Mirrorís Edge are all part of the strategy.

    Developer Confusion

    DICE were bemused when asked, either by David Reeveís incompetence, or by EAís reluctance to inform them of the exclusivity deal; "We know nothing of that so far. But it is possible that there is collusion at the highest level, of which we are still uninformed."

    So DICE certainly donít rule out the possibility and itís not uncommon for a publisher to collude with console giants without developer input, as was the case with Ubisoft choosing the PS3 for Free Radicalís Haze. Remember, money rules the roost in software development.

    PlayStation 3 Lead Platform

    We can stir the rumor a tad more by remembering that DICEís lead platform is the PS3 and any public showing of Mirrorís Edge has been on Sonyís platform.

    If the rumor is false, David Reeveís has further diminished our view of him. If the rumor is true, David Reeveís canít keep a secret, has a bigger mouth than Denis Dyack, and risks Microsoft cottening on. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    I Kick Puppies Guest
    Even if it is true it still does not even begin to make up for Sony allowing Square Enix to make FF13 Multi platform.

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