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    Rumor: Is Microsoft Scrapping the XBox 360 Elite Console?

    Several sites are reporting that Microsoft is planning to get rid of the Xbox 360 Elite, with only Limited Edition game-themed models coming with 120GB of storage.

    The recession and lowered prices of the other SKU's have allegedly been contributing factors towards this change.

    To quote: Necessity dictates that if you're an Xbox lover and fan of HD downloads, then the Xbox 360 Elite is the only way forward. But it seems that all is not well with the most expensive of Microsoft's hub, with reports emerging that the console is about to get a dose of the Red Rings of Death.

    According to Electronista, the top end console is going to be killed off in its everyday incarnation, with only limited edition, game themed models coming with 120GB of on board storage.

    Word is that the recession, coupled with knockdown prices for the Arcade and Pro versions, is causing the 230 console to pile up in stores the world over.

    Microsoft is planning an Official announcement in the next fortnight, with those after more storage for XBLA and movie extras being offered bigger upgrade drives instead.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sharks Guest

    No surprise there!

    Expected to happen sooner than later. All i've been hearing about and seeing my friends online and offline play with, is either Arcade or Pro versions of Microsoft's very unreliable console of death. Most shops i know, have stopped selling Elites months ago. No point in having the Elite in stock when it doesn't sell nor is it requested. Why would anyone bother with the Elite when the Pro is enough and then you can easily swap the 20GB or 60GB with a bigger hard drive. It's just a couple of screws and replacing the hard drive inside the hard disk enclosure, with a standard 2.5 inch laptop hard drive of your choice. Make that 320Gb for me

    To make up my argument, the Elite (uselessly) comes with:

    1. black colored hardware - so what if it's not?
    2. bigger hard drive - 120GB? The PS3's higher end version comes with 160GB. Microsoft should have at least followed suite and upgraded. And what's the big deal with 120GB or 160GB - nowadays it's only imaginable for any respectful gamer and/or media enthusiast to own at least one hard drive of 500GB or some Terabytes or multiple hard drives.
    3. Black headset- couldn't care less about the black color. It could be MS's way of propaganda for all i know. Headset? Get one cheaper at $10 or less. Plus, MS's headset is wired, so it's really nothing to wonder about.
    4. HDMI cable - again, this whole bundle is over-priced, as you can get the exact same image quality with a much much cheaper HDMI cable. I know. I bought one separately and tested it. The $10 HDMI cable performed exactly the same as the cliched original accessory.

    So... whoever bought the Elite, you've been scammed and i'm sure until now, you've been proud of it

    IMPORTANT: NO, NO, NO - The Elite still gives RRoD and it doesn't perform any better than the other Arcade or Pro versions. Only thing to look out for is the chipset. Get the Jasper and hope for the best. Jaspers can be found more easily in Arcade versions. No mention of Jaspers in Elites, yet. Now there will be none at all, as MS is discontinuing its failed marketing strategy.

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    mystery256 Guest

    Why is it still expensive?

    Why is it still expensive?, your paying tons more just for the 120GB hdd, a black finnish, a black headset which im sure you can buy a very cheap third party, and a hdmi cable which i can pick up for under 5 its a complete rip off, like others had said, theres no performance differences, plus it will still get the RROD and to put the nail in it, my elite is a living example, it has the RROD. I wish i just bought the arcade, and bought the hdd, headset and hdmi cable separate. would of probably worked out much cheaper.

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    nextlevelco Guest
    What do you consider tons more?

    Apple and other companies charge a premium JUST for a color change, at least you get a little bit of an upgrade as well.

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    SoulHunterMike Guest
    grrr! They should lower the price for sure!

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