According to numerous reports, MC Hammer made an entry on Twitter which stated "I got one day to recover, then it's LA to Activision to get a glance of a top secret project on Monday... Cannot wait!"

To quote: Hip-hop artist MC Hammer must have heard that Soulja Boi was getting his own video game and thought, "Hey, wait a minute - I'm just as untalented as him! Where's my video game deal?" It seems he's having a meeting with Activision today to do... God knows what.

According to Destructoid, Hammer made the following entry on his Twitter yesterday: "I got one day to recover ,then it's LA to Activision to get a glance of a top secrete project on Monday...Cannot wait !!"

The fact that he Twitters or that people actually read that Twitter is surprising in and of itself. What could his meeting with Activision have been about, though? Could "U Can't Touch This" end up in Guitar Hero World Tour?

Is Activision making a hip-hop music game? Is there someone impersonating MC Hammer on Twitter? Whatever the story is, consider us strangely interested. More PlayStation 3 News...