Microsoft has dropped several million nukes on unsuspecting gamers since the Xbox 360 launch in 2005. Nearly every Xbox 360 owner has experienced the dreaded Red Ring of Death and witnessed the 360 pretty much implode itself.

Now, it appears the Xbox 360 will be getting nuked in a different fashion. No, the system won't be destroying itself like usual, instead it'll score Duke Nukem Forever.

We all know the story behind this game. It was announced roughly a decade ago and wasn't seen again until a few months back. After 10yrs of waiting, we saw the first trailer and it looked mediocre at best, at least compared to high profile titles like Call of Duty 4 and Gears of War.

Rumors are running rampant once again on this title and despite it being announced as a multiplatform game, the latest rumor is pointing to an Xbox 360 release. Given the circumstances with 3D Realms and their experience with PC titles and how easy it is to translate PC titles to the Xbox 360, this has some merit behind it.

Is it probable? Most definitely. Will it happen? Who the hell knows. If Duke Nukem Forever is ever going to come to light, we should find out more in a few short weeks when E3 finally hits.

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