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    dorienasder Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by darker70 View Post
    So as i can not boot am i well and truly stuffed,could i use the recovery mode to update to 4.2 useing an original region disc this is my last resort. as my Wii up to bricking was running 4.1 flawlessly i just thought i'd used a bad wad which then gave me the banner brick?
    Using a official disc update will not resolve a banner brick. But you probably don't have a banner brick, you have a full brick due to a stubbed system ios. Mh, but you said 4.1 ran flawlessly ... what exactly do you mean by that? Have you rebooted your Wii after upgrading? And what wad did you install that may have caused a banner brick? Have you tried getting into recovery mode? AFAIK, recovery mode will not work if there is no system ios. Even if it did work, do you know any game that has a 4.2 update partition? I'm not sure there is one yet. Probably Mario Galaxy 2 will have it.
    Quote Originally Posted by darker70 View Post
    So would a WODE allow me to do this as in get to recovery mode then would it emulate the drive image/game/disc and update firmware? Or is this a viable option in my situation as i have nothing to lose as i'm bricked anyway?
    A wode is only a drive emulator. It will not get you into recovery mode. To get into recovery mode, you need a modded gamecube controller or a savemii dongle. But with a stubbed system ios, it probably won't work anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by darker70 View Post
    Or is a nand restore my only hope as it was boot2 CIOS is that a full and viable backup if i could get it restored somehow?
    Define "boot2 CIOS". Did you have "bootmii as boot2" or "bootmii as IOS"?

    If you have a complete bootmii nand backup, you may be able to restore it either by getting into bootmii if you had it as boot2 or with an infectus modchip.

    Otherwise, your only option is to send it to Nintendo, claim you wanted to make an online update to 4.2 and it was bricked afterwards. If they don't find the homebrew, they'll repair it on guarantee.

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Not sure if anyone is still interested in this, but i thought i should update the review because the WODE team have released several firmware updates including the long awaited Wii disk ripping firmware.

    It's now simply a case of Insert Disk, Select Rip - Done a nice iso or wbfs image! (well almost - no long winded PC ripping anymore anyway!)

    While i'm at it - Although the WODE is designed to remove the need to softmod your Wii (thus reduce risk of bricking) it does allow homebrew to communicate with it. There are several HBC loaders for wode now - including WODEFlow (which is based on WiiFlow) this allows you to change wode iso's with the wiimote. (I know it kinda defeats the point of wode, but only HBC & DVDX are needed for this - no custom ios!)

    Either way - now the ripping is available, it's still cheaper (and quicker) to rip disks.

    Anyway, thought this was worth a mention.


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