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    shummyr Guest

    Review: The Godfather II Video Game

    The Godfather II Review by Shummyr:

    Name of Game: The Godfather 2
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Release Date: April 7, 2009
    Genre: Action, Crime, Strategy and First Person Shooter
    Player: 1
    Buy/Don't: YES
    Overall Rating: 8 out of 10
    Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC

    In the beginning you are a nobody, in the end you end up a very important somebody!!!

    The Godfather 2 is a very solid glitch free game, and the load times are almost non-existant. The weapons are a varied collection so you have the correct tool for every job. The story line is very deep and complex, but also the Godfather 2 is a pretty straightforward game where you take over the buisnesses and become the king of the mob.

    You begin your story in Cuba as a nobody, then you move on New York and then you move on to Florida your final stop is Cuba. You are cast into a postion where you are clawing and fighting your way to the top, but first you need to eliminate the other families on your rise to fame and fortune.

    The enemies are also perfectly balanced for the game in both their intelligence and weaponry, and the number of enemies is well balanced for each buisness you try and take over. The controls are smooth and well defined, also the camera is set to the perfect speed in which it follows and is not jerky.

    You are probably asking would I recommend buying this game... I would buy this game for the deep story and I'm a sucker for mobster games like this. You will get between 20-30 hours worth of game play out of this title.

    Would I buy this game again if I had to for my collection?
    I would, because I enjoyed it... it's a solid and well thought out first person shooter that includes a deep storyline and all the downloadable content is nice.

    This review was based on the XBox 360 version.

    Finally, a little bit about the author!!!
    I love videogames and have been playing them for about 10-15 years. I love anything to do with gaming and I enjoy writing reviews for them.

    I like to keep my reviews short and straight to point. I prefer first person shooters, sci-fi and racing games.


    The Godfather II (Xbox 360)
    Amazon.com - $56.99
    Buy.com - $58.36
    FamilyVideo.com - $58.99

    - Fast paced, well thought, rich and deep storyline
    - AI is excellent
    - Very good weapons

    - I do not have anything I see bad with this game

    Graphics - Very Good 8.0
    Sound - 10
    Gameplay - 10
    Fun Factor - Online 8.0
    Overall - 8.9 (out of 10 / not an average)

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    CyanCaze Guest
    I swear if Randall comes and spams this review I will hunt him down and... I'll stop there.

    Anyway Very nice review my friend glad to see there are other people besides me on this site who review games. I am currently too busy to work on anything even my smaller reviews but once I'm done I'll start posting again.

    Anyway Randall is basically a flamer who believes any review (Mostly my video reviews ) Sucks. Even though i have explained to him 900 times I am using a 14 dollar mic that I have to increase the sound on it to work.

    But like I said keep up the good work.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Indeed, not bad for your first Review here shummyr and +Rep!

    I have also added it to our Reviews Page here: http://reviews.ps4news.com

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