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    Takavach Guest

    Review: The Godfather II is Now a Grand Theft Auto 4 Competitor

    The presentation in Godfather two really sets the mood for a mafia story. The game takes place exactly where the first one ended which makes it easier to follow and enjoy right from the start.

    The feeling you get when the opening cut scene starts is very immersive, because the intensity of the music followed by the voice acting really makes this game rival even the great Grand Theft Auto Series which is not easy to pull off, yet EA has managed to grasp such a presentation to the game that you will want to spend your time and money to become the DON.


    The graphics in this game is simply amazing. The detail in the characters are so clean and crisp that you can see how accurate the facial features move along with the dialogue that's spoken, it's really incredible to see. The explosions in the game are no slouch either, you have a lot of people running around on screen, cars exploding, full screen Anti - Aliasing I mean this game is really beautiful to look at.


    The gameplay in this game has taken a serious overhaul from the previous version. The main thing that's great about the gameplay is how much more responsive the controls feel now.

    On the PlayStation 3 version you have sixaxis which in most games aren't implemented properly, but in this game when you choke or throw some one against the wall you can actually use the sixaxis for this which adds to the realism significantly, this feature was a brilliant way to utilize the sixaxis control scheme. The Driving in the game is very easy to get used to and control and there's nothing better than doing drive-byes in this game, oh the satisfaction.

    The cover system works very well and quick but to add to that I would like to point out that when your behind cover you can still auto - aim without exposing yourself to enemy attacks. This was a genius idea, because now you can spot the enemy and pop up knowing that you have a clean shot at him.

    This game also features a cool 3D map which should be the new standard in games period. It's very easy to follow during gameplay which helps add to the ease of progression throughout your missions. The frame-rate is solid the action is consistent and you have tons of weapons you can choose from which brings more fun to the game especially when you tap the R3 button (EXECUTIONS).


    The features in this game will have you speechless hands down. The option to build your family and take that family online to compete with other families is incredible. You can recruit many people in your family all with different abilities such as Medics, Arsonist, and so much more.

    The way the game teaches you how to become the DON is also breathe taking, because every portion of the game it explains to you as you go how you should handle things, but you don't have to follow them you can play your own way which comes with ups and downs.

    In this game there's certain characters that you shouldn't approach because of how powerful they are and if you're not at a certain level yet and you decide to go after them they will come and crush you, your' family, and your business so this game really brings it on home with the realness of the mob life.


    The sound in the game is great. As you play you and your characters engage in a conversation, the voice - acting is really superb, and the action from the guns and explosions and executions sounds really believable and you feel the pain and emotion the characters go through so yes the games sound is top notch.


    This game has so much to offer with story, online, and features that you would play it over again in single player and multi-player. The cover system works well, the action is intense, and the fact that you can choose what you want to say in certain parts of the games helps add to the fun, because you can really be yourself in all types of situations in the mob life.


    There's nothing really bad about the game at all so go out and buy it. THANKS TO EA FOR MAKING A GREAT GAME AND A STRONG COMPETITOR AGAINST THE INFAMOUS GTA4.

    Available for the PS3 and XBOX 360 on April 7th, 2009.

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    red8316 Guest
    Sounds interesting, I'll check some other reviews. Thanks for the post.

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