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    cfwprophet Guest

    Cool RescueMii-CORE v17 Released !!

    Started with the very first modding of IOSīs to beginning and swapping the files we discovered that we could customize all IOSīs onto the sys using the IOS modules from Waninkokos cIOS249.

    But with time the games and there protection started to brake our dreams and the well known cIOS-CORP becoming useless in my eyes. (just use priiloader and set the system menu hack to force every game from disk channel to run with cIOS249 and your done)

    So..i decided to take a real good idea, only developed to use pirated games and do something with it that will be absolutely the counterpart to it.And i released custom system IOSīs to be able to boot hb disks software wise without the need of a modchip or without the need to send your console to nintendo and maybe pay a lot of money becouse you haved Homebrew on your system.

    This time we got a new revision based on the modules from the new cIOS249 v17 and we got DVD-DLīs working !!
    Additional i have updated all system iosīs with the new ES plugin including the ES_IDverify patch.Not enough you will also find a cIOS35, cIOS36 for HB apss, cIOS202 v4 and cIOS222 v4 by Hermes and for sure we do not want to miss our cIOS254 the BootMii IOS.Since the new cboot2 v16 also working on the IOS version of bootmii it is now also included into the RescueMii-CORE Pack.

    To be on the safe side you have to install all this custom system IOSīs BEFORE bricking your Wii !!
    They are all tested with the FWīs 3.0 >> 4.2 and work fine.

    At last i wish you all Happy Unbricking or better say: Happy NEVER Unbricking

    -Stay Tuned here on PS3NEWS.com- yours CFWprophet

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    franz029 Guest
    Does this work without Trucha Bug?

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    pro2oman Guest
    So is this like the backup and restore function from bootmii put into its own ios? if so that awesome and im sure it would bee a big help for those with out the ability in install bootmii as boot2.

    v17-have it been kept private or have i just missed that last 16 versions lol??

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Its the System IOSīs IOS30,IOS50,IOS60,IOS70 with injected cDIP,ES module from waninkokos cIOS249 and they have all the Trucha Bug back.

    The vXX indicates wich version of the cIOS249 would be used for injecton of the .elf modules.

    Additional i have included some other cIOSīs like IOS36,IOS35,IOS222 and IOS202.The both last are they from Hermes and are a full unmodded dump, simply packed as .wad.

    I have also included bootmii and cboot2 v16 wich can help you to unbrick your Wii.

    But mainly my custom system IOS will let you boot Hombrew Disks software wise via the Rescue Menu.With my owen made disks you even do not need any rescue menu hack to be installed to be able to boot this HB disks via the RM.

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    JosianXP Guest
    Just install all cIOS from the WAD folder and be save?? I have System Menu 4.1 and thats all i have to do.

    I dont know but I had System Menu 4.0 I never update it to 4.1, then i Soft Modded my Wii and installed some cIOS and IOS and all of the sudden i see 4.1 i dont know why. I dont have Internet on my Wii and I only Have New Super Mario Bross, Super smash Bross and Mario Power Tenis.

    I had priloader installed, with block disc update. and then i put my New super mario Bross i never ask me to update to 4.1 because of the priloader "block disc update hack" and then when i turned off my wii and turned on , i check the system menu FW and i saw that it says 4.1 :S:S:S so i dont know what just happend... I sure i never update it. maybe it was an IOS that i install with wad manager thats belongs to system menu 4.1

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