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    _skitzo_ Guest

    Rant: When a Video Game Console Case Mod Goes Wrong

    I have nothing against case mods, I've seen some nice mods over the years. But sometimes... things start to go south.

    To the left is a normal looking PlayStation 2 system. Nothing out of the ordinary, PS2 stand, little pink memory card... but the eye sore on the right? Don't ask, I still can't figure out what is going on.

    I figure the original PS2 brand on the console wasn't suffice enough for this person. No they had to go out, buy car branding letters so in case you were on the other side of the street passing by he/she or maybe he she's home you can still that's a PS2 in the living room.

    Also if you're eyes haven't combusted in its sockets for watching this throw up, very intimidating dragon on the upper right side. If this wasn't enough of a car accident, this person finds a way to hit new lows... for whatever reason that I'm sure God himself is unable to answer if put on the spot.

    A giant fan, why? I have no clue. I never knew PS2 systems had an over heading issue, but evidently no one told this rock.

    Nothing saying PlayStation 2 like car decals, and giant fans, if it even is functional. Which is sad if it is, as this person should have been electrocuted during the install process.

    Sadly the video game gods must have been upset at the world this day cause it gets worse...

    Bad enough it looks like something out of a fourth grade art class, this rock decides to paint it. You can almost imagine how this took place in his head.

    "my stuff looks so hot, oh... maybe I should paint it.. yeah... this is going to be the shiz"

    Sadly the end result was junk, how can you possibly make it even worse? I never thought this was humanly possible, till now...

    Look at her in all her glory, now we can see something's have changed, no longer do we have dragon decal, but wth is that pink pos on my screen? oh after wiping the tears away the giant silver decals proudly read PS2.

    Everything now pink, fan, console, I guess taking it a step further and having the buttons painted never crossed this rocks head, but take notice to one thing. Notice the stuffed animal hanging itsself?

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Apr 2005


    Haha.. +Rep skitzo and it's sad but true indeed.

    PS: I had to tidy up some of the more 'colorful' language for our site, but those who wish to see it in raw form can check it out here in it's entirety:


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    CyanCaze Guest
    If you wanted a pink PlayStation that badly I think they sell slims in that color...

    Note that I was being sarcastic and did not mean that in a offensive way or anything like that (People tend to take what I say incorrectly).

    Anyway, the mod looks like someone just put random stuff on it. Much like rappers use to do with gold chains and such. So I will nickname that PS2 the "Bling Bling" Model.

    It's a pretty funny story so I say REP+ for you.

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    mrmiller24 Guest
    the dragon badge is actually something you can buy to put on your car, i guess he went loose in halfords or something, there is a pug 307 near me that has it on, still it didnt look very good on the car and looks even worse on the playstation.

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