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    Starlight Guest

    Rant: Are PlayStation 3 Bashers & 360 Fanboys Getting Annoying?

    YES! For the past couple of days we have only read "Xbox 360 dominates PlayStation" or "Sony Dying". It's getting so annoying that it's hard to look around for what gamers are most interested in.

    Now in it's second year with millions of gamers, the Sony PlayStation 3 still takes bashes from people who love to play only the Xbox 360. They explain they're opinions and why they think PlayStation 3 is a failure. Well it's my turn:

    I'm not taking a side. PlayStation 3 is a amazing gaming console which I have hours and hours of fun playing. It has the most incredible exclusive list, the visuals are extraordinary. The Xbox 360 is also another amazing game which I also had hours and hours of gaming fun.

    It has a very nice online setup, and some really great exclusive games. People who take 30 minutes of their lives to write up articles on their website saying things that is absolutely not true, are wasting time and Internet bandwidth.

    The choice of what system you buy is not chosen by some critic, it's chosen by your likes and dislikes, things that are totally YOUR opinion. People have been living their life based on their own opinions for hundreds of years.

    Also a quick addition to what people opinions on the PlayStation 3 is inappropriate. Most of these critics I speak of are member of N4G. They say how PlayStation 3 is going download etc... Well by looking at the Hottest game's list, not to be a fanboy or anything, there are 4 games in the Top 5 that are PlayStation 3 Exclusives, and 1 Xbox 360 exclusive which is ranked #4. Looking at that I knew that the PlayStation 3 is to live long and healthy.

    The fact of fanboyism is that it's pointless, there will never be a winner of a console war, maybe in sales yeah (but how could you compare PlayStation 3 with Xbox 360 sales when the Xbox 360 was sold a year sooner then the PlayStation 3) but in which is better? No you can't rate that.

    Everyone has their own opinion on which console is better. My opinion is which ever has the game that I want to play at the moment and I have a copy for both systems, I would just play on which ever is already plugged on the TV.

    Yes Xbox 360 has Halo and Gears of War which millions of people play and love, but PlayStation 3 has it's game's which play everyday and love, it's not because some fanboy said it was awesome, it's because they loved it and want to play it day in, day out, it's their choice and opinion, not yours.

    In conclusion, I think that all this rumoring and fighting should all stop for the sake of the true meaning of gaming, FUN. Now go out there and live your life based on your choices. :)

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    imperyal Guest


    Thank god someone thinks like me...!

    Good post! Pure truth.

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    CyanCaze Guest
    Thank you for saving me the trouble of writing this article starlight. I am also tired of the same article being submitted 9 times over. In the past month I have seen. PlayStation 3 has bad sales. Then PlayStation 3 has good sales. Then PlayStation will die, Oh wait no it won't, actually it will, JUST KIDDING!

    Tired of it Cyan_Caze

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    GZA1984 Guest
    well it's funny because I remember back in the days when the XBOX 1 came out and the PS2. The Xbox had an Nvidia GFX card and the PS3 an ATI. Nvidia and ATI fanboys (yes they do exist!) were saying console X was better then console Y because it had their brand of GFX card. Now when the PS3 came out and the 360, it was flipped over. because the RSX is from Nvidia and it's in the PS3 and the Xenos is from ATI and is in the xbox360. So which one did they choose?? Did they switched sides??

    all i can say is that fanboys are too obsessed to hate. They know the "thing" is good (which they bash). They're somehow jaleous that they can't have it for whatever reason, so they complain about it!

    as for the sales at the end of 2008 (according to Microsoft):
    The Xbox 360 has been sold 28.000.000 times worldwide.
    The PS3 has been sold 20.000.000 times worldwide.

    The Xbox 360 has been on the market a year more (actually even more if you check the launch date in europe) then the PS3.

    on an average the 360 has been sold 9.333.333 each year and the PS3 10.000.000 each year. So I dare to say that the PS3 is doing better then the 360 atm, even with all the haters out there!

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    dodgydan2001 Guest
    I'm just sick of idiots forcing their fanboyism on eveyone else or constructing arguments to why X console sucks more than X e.t.c.

    I was getting very sick of reading the 987785848 posts a week on here about how the Ps3 is a sinking ship.

    Thank you

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    Anthogno Guest
    I wanna bet that if it was 360 sinking and losing market shares, you would all scream and shout: "see, see this. You all suck 360 fanboys".
    Because now we can only whisper it, as there is no strenght left to back it up.

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    wormie123 Guest
    I think what it comes down to is yeah ure right all opinion, but one thing I have found with alot of my xbox friends is that if you gave them the option of a xbox or PS3 take away the costs hands down they all want the PS3 because its value for money yeah its alot but u get what ya pay for a reliable powerful playstation

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