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  1. #361
    mm4dsc Guest
    What is "alien food"?

  2. #362
    Bartholomy Guest
    Is it good to be xenophobic?

  3. #363
    HeyManHRU Guest
    IS "xenophobic" an English word? lol

  4. #364
    Erz Guest
    What is "xenophobic"? (o_o)

  5. #365
    Bartholomy Guest
    It comes from greek words xenos, meaning stranger, foreigner and phobos meaning fear


    Do you love greek and latin?

  6. #366
    Erz Guest
    Thank you for the info ^^

    Can you read Japanese?

  7. #367
    Bartholomy Guest

    Can you read korean?

  8. #368
    elser1 Guest
    can you wiggle your ears?

  9. #369
    Bartholomy Guest
    Why you broke rules without answer?

  10. #370
    elser1 Guest
    isn't this the QUESTIONS only thread?

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