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    Apr 2005

    PSXperia PC App Converts Any PSX Game to Work on Xperia Play

    Recently freelance developer Yifan Lu has released PSXperia, a PC App that converts any PSX game to work on Xperia Play - the PlayStation Certified Sony Ericsson Android mobile smartphone for gamers.

    Download: PSXperia v1.0 / PSXperia Beta 2 / PSXperia Source Code / PSXperia Wiki Guides

    To quote: After two hard weeks of decompiling, reverse engineering, graphing, and coding, Iím proud to announce PSXperia, a set of tools to extract, patch, and repack the Crash Bandicoot game that comes with all Xperia Play phones to use any PSX game (that you legally own).

    In addition to allowing you to play any property ripped PSX game, you can also set a custom icon and the game will show up in the phoneís Playstation Pocket app, so you can quickly access it when you flip the gamepad out.

    Iíve converted and tested 8 games with this tool and they all run flawlessly, but if things donít work out so smoothly for you, submit your issues to GitHub.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    I'm going to get an Xperia now.

    I'd love to play Final Fantasy 7 on my phone.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I wonder if this could be modified to allow any phone to play PSX games?

    I have the PS1 Emu for my SGS1 but not all games run flawlessly... maybe this could help *thinks*

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    tilla Guest
    Probably wouldn't help a phone that can't emulate to emulate; the xperia software is locked down pretty well and besides which the controls would be extremely awkward without a Play's gamepad.

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    Duff Man Guest
    is there a chance it could work on the xperia arc? I would guess it would need the 'special' software to be able to run on it, that the play has. I'd guess otherwise the 2 firmwares are pretty similar though.

    And about the controls, there is a six axis app that allows you to use a ps3 controller with emulators etc, that would be handy.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I understand that the controls may seem like an initial problem, but on-screen controls are available with existing emulators.

    I'm just theorising how possible it could be to combine this app with other software for Android and make a more reliable/stable/better emulator.

    Plus, if the PS App for Xperia Play is just an apk file then I'd like to take a crack at that too!

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    rdurbin Guest
    It would probably work for other android phones as its apk file but i'm not sure if the app itself has touch controls. It works pretty good. I tested hot shots golf 2 and arc the lad. Does anyone know if it supports multiple disc games? Or do you have to convert each disc seperately?

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    NTA Guest
    It isn't possible to make custom psx eboots for ps3 is it?

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    Duff Man Guest


    does anyone know what the 'apk' is called? I have an arc and would love to take a crack at it.

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    rdurbin Guest
    you need the apk and zpak, here are the names of the files extracted from my xperia play us.

    com.sony.playstation.ncua94900_1.apk 5.04 MB (5,290,747 bytes)
    NCUA94900_1_1.zpak 525 MB (551,463,148 bytes)

    the files names may vary slightly depending on region, i guess.

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