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    Duff Man Guest
    Thanks rdurbin, really appreciate the info... Now I'll just have to find somewhere to download them... Hmmm any thoughts? Before I explore every avenue google has?

    Ok well found them... Not sure about the linking rules anymore, so if someone wants them they can be found here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W8P2V2UZ


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    rdurbin Guest
    it doesn't appear the Sony emulator has touch controls other than setting L2 and R2 to touch screen since the xperia play only has L1 and R1. they let you choose between 6 different control configurations, similar to how the psp psx emulator works. So even if this works on other devices it may only be playable on xperia play, but I am not 100% sure. It may detect that its not running on xperia play and offer touch screen controls or keyboard controls if your device has one.

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    Duff Man Guest
    well, a quick update. the files, that rdurbin suggested, and are linked above, ARE the crash bandicoot files needed for the trick, however they don't seem to be the software that will let you play it (play now, i think). So when I try to install crash bandicoot it tells me the install was unsuccessful. Unfortunately I'm rather time poor at the moment so maybe if someone is interested they can track down the 'play now' apk and try to get it running.

    In short, the files will only help someone with an Xperia play (so far), however, if you have that phone, then you also have these files on it.

    on the arc the app is 'playnowclientarvato' and it's 131.39k, it would be interesting to see if the app is different on the play (located in /system/app)

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    rdurbin Guest
    if you testing out crash bandicoot, I don't think you can directly just put it on your phone. use the program to insert another psx game so it can build the correct files. the program will create a small file (apk) and the bigger file which will go in android/data folder, these files are in your output folder after you created a new game. you also need to make sure your android device can install files from 3rd parties, its in settings.

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