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  1. #661
    racer0018 Guest
    I have answered all messages I that I have gotten. If you didn't hear from me please resend. Thank you.

    I will be gone tomorrow so I will not be around or working on ps3s. I have got a doctors visit tomorrow for my ms and the guy I am going to see is suppose to be the best in the states and he sits on the ms national board. So wish me luck and all work will start again on Wednesday. Thanks all.

  2. #662
    racer0018 Guest
    I am back but worn out. It went great and they are starting me on some new meds that is suppose to stop it in it tracks but no cure as of yet. So will be back at it tomorrow. Thanks all.

  3. #663
    breakingspell Guest
    Great to hear that you're doing well! The tracking number says that you got mine yesterday, can't wait to see it again

  4. #664
    Ananex Guest
    Um hey i am kinda new to this forum but i have a ps3 cechgo1 on firmware 4.30 that i need downgraded and i was kinda wondering how this process goes?

  5. #665
    Pharmtech78 Guest
    Racer, Glad to hear everything went well. Hope they can cure you soon. Keep me posted on my console bro. Thanks!!

  6. #666
    racer0018 Guest
    I have gotten two of the members from the site here. I am going to work on them tonight. Thanks.

    You will have to downgrade the ps3 and then from cfw 3.55 you will have to q&a the system and then update it to the new cfw you would like to have on it. I dont install cfw when i downgrade they come back shipping with ofw 3.55 on them. thanks

  7. #667
    Ananex Guest
    Okay i see nope problem i see and that's understandable but um where do i get started now because i would like to know like the details on how the shipping the cost and so on?

  8. #668
    DKRussell Guest
    Just read this; whether you can direct me on my cech-2501a with 500GB or not you are on the prayer list

  9. #669
    joetex72 Guest
    Glad it went great and you're doing better, racer. Hope those meds do the trick.

  10. #670
    racer0018 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by DKRussell View Post
    Just read this; whether you can direct me on my cech-2501a with 500GB or not you are on the prayer list
    That model sometimes can be downgraded. Run minver check on it and if it comes back as 3.50 or above or 3.40 and above you are good to go. Just need to downgrade it. Thanks.

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