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    Apr 2005
    That is correct, and posts in this section don't count as they are not archived so my suggestion is to reply to one of the main page news articles as those all count.

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    breakingspell Guest
    Thanks for the heads up, hah. I'd downgrade it myself if i could find a flasher, but they're near impossible to find.

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    joetex72 Guest
    racer, just letting you know that I sent you a PM. Let me know if you got a chance to read it, okay? Thanks.

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    breakingspell Guest
    Well, i ended up returning the console i bought from Gamestop, and instead bought one from Craigslist that has a larger hard drive, but it's on 4.40. I'm assuming it can still be downgraded, and i'm still anxiously waiting for racer to get back

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    frosty51825 Guest
    I have sent racer 7 nand ps3s and it took him about a week and half but I got back all of them with ofw 3.55. He is the only one that I have seen that can downgrade nand ps3s. Also gave me his number and walked me through installing Cfw on them and how to install multiman.

    Also he replaces the thermal paste on the top and bottom of the heat shields. Also sent me a DVD with all my dumps on it. He also installed a rgh and a dual nand system on a xbox360 for me. He is the only one I will ever go to for modding my systems. I give him 110%. Takes a while to get them it to him, it took me about two months to get into him. But I waited and he does great work. Next I am going to be sending him a slim ps3 to dual boot with an e3.

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    breakingspell Guest
    If he's any cheaper than the only NAND guy on Ebay, he'll have my business

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    TheOneWolf Guest
    I'd say hell yea to that too, though I need him to reply to my pm or send me one (since he hasn't gotten my last 2 though I sent one more just in case!) because I got deployment coming up!!!

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    breakingspell Guest
    Hah, i'm sure he's super busy. I've thought about taking a weekend to downgrade it myself. I've worked on Xbox 360s before, installed a fan mod for a friend and de-RRoDed 3 or 4 of them, but that's minimal, if any soldering. I'm breaking a sweat just looking at the pinout diagrams for the Progskeet, i'd have to try it with a dead motherboard before i'd trust myself on a live one.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Thanks for the kind words frost. However what we forgot to also say is that one of his ps3 nands was an install of my last progskeet 1.1 and I am sure everyone had read that the 1.2s don't work so good. I have two 1.1s ordered from a friend that makes them or I should say a clone of them.

    Anyway they will be here late this week. Also been working on getting the teensy to do nands. So far done one and I will say this that the teensy has been cut short. It is a nice unit and soon becoming my favorite when it comes to flashing. Will keep all updates. Also on a side note sent off 28 nor ps3s today so if I got yours it will there soon. Thanks.

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    breakingspell Guest
    28 PS3s, Jesus christ, haha. Up for one more?

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